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Urgencias – THE FEATURES: City scenes (Video-Single, 2016)

“Drawing from the likes of Public Image Ltd, Wire, the emerging New York no-wave movement and Town’s passion for late period Beatles, the Features offered a far more experimental and jagged sound than most of their peers and were instantly popular, drawing strong crowds at the assorted hall gigs that were increasingly regular weekend events in the city”


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Incombustibles – HALF JAPANESE: Attack of the giant leeches (Fire Records, Single, 2016)

Así como si tal cosa, Jad Fair, a sus sesenta añazos, continúa dando clases de vitalidad a base de guitarrazos y enérgicos compases de Pop aliñado con la actitud más proto-punk.
Attack of the giant leeches es el adelanto del que será el primer trabajo de Half Japanese en catorce años, a publicar a comienzos del próximo año.

“With Jad Fair at the helm for over four decades, the highly revered Half Japanese still remain “the ultimate expression of punk’s dictum that rock should be accessible to anyone who wanted to pick up an instrument and play” (AllMusic)


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Nubes de Guitarras – Vestidos: Vestidos (Emma´s House Records, 2016)

Cantan en español, usan una gruesa capa de guitarras como parapeto de unas canciones absolutamente deliciosas e intensas, y practican un Shoegaze de manual a la vieja usanza. Son de la República Dominicana y graban para una disquera mejicana. Se llaman Vestidos, y éste es su debut.


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Baile y Acción – LES SUEQUES: Res (Single, El Genio Equivocado, 2016)

Pop enérgico y de sabor añejo. Les Sueques editan nuevo trabajo a comienzos del próximo año y éste es su adelanto.

“Con Res os avanzamos lo que será nuestro tercer álbum Moviment. Grabado en los Hermitage Work Studios de Londres, es una reivindicación de qué y cómo somos: desplazamiento y relación; nervio y contundencia. ¡1,2,3 Baile y acción!” (Prensa)


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Historias de Cama – BED: Klickitat (Bug Hunt, 2016)

El trío de Portland Bed (maldito nombre para rastrear por internet…) realizan un Slowfi que cautiva a las primeras escuchas. Su tratamiento sonoro es lo bastante epatante como para llamar la atención de los oídos indies más inquietos.

Bed spent the last year and a half releasing a steady stream of singles and videos, gradually creeping into a steady existence. Recent live appearances include prominent appearances at Treefort Music Fest and David Music Fest, as well as shows up and down the northern west coast in support of bands such as Sylvan Esso, R.Ring, Diet Cig and Telekinesis.
In 2016 the band will be releasing a five track 12″ Ep via Portland Indie label Bug Hunt (as well as their debut full-lenght record, wich they are currently recording with producer Larry Crane at Jackpot Recording Studio, in Portland” (Press)


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Historias de la Vida – BOB MOULD: Patch the sky (Merge, 2016)

Patch the Sky parece que es el álbum encargado de cerrar la trilogía de la intronspección de Bob Mould. Entre 2012 y 2016, el ya cincuentón líder de Hüsker Dü y Sugar nos ofrece una visión real y auténtica de su trayectoria vital a través de las pérdidas de su padre, madre y de su situación actual, agarrado a la existencia (Hold on). Un álbum que, sin descubrirnos nada especialmente nuevo en el universo sonoro de Mould (ni falta que nos hace), sí que incide en esa áspera visión del Pop-Punk y de las melodías firmadas por uno de los grandes gurús del Indie de guitarras de las últimas décadas.

“On Patch the Sky Mould seems to be at peace, if not with the world at large, at least in regards to the way he can best address it. He may always be one of rock and roll’s great contrarians—angry, angsty, and loud—but after nearly 35 years of making records, he no longer seems determined to be kicking against his own strengths. In fact, he’s finally embracing them. “I’m a really good rhythm guitar player, a fair vocalist, and a pretty simple songwriter,” Mould recently told the New York Times. “Now that I’ve come to accept that, it’s much easier to work with.” To that end, Patch the Sky has a remarkable sense of clarity—playing like a record that is less concerned with reinventing the wheel as opposed to simply refining it.
“Can I find some truth within the noise?” Mould asks on opening track “Voices in My Head.” It’s a question that the rest of Patch the Sky answers with a resounding yes. The best tracks on the record are the most furiously full-throttled, many of which threaten to drown out Mould’s voice entirely. “The End of Things” lets fly with one of the best riffs Mould has written in a decade, bashed out with the kind of stupid raw enthusiasm that brings to mind the best of his Sugar output back in the ’90s. Similarly, tracks like “Daddy’s Favorite,”  “Pray For Rain,” and “Hands Are tied” (a punked out rave up that revs up and explodes in under two minutes) all provide the gleeful no-nonsense squall of the world’s most amped garage band.
Joined by drummer Jon Wurster and bassist Jason Narducy, Mould seems to be having a genuinely good time here, even when the subject matter veers directly (and somewhat predictably, for Mould) into apocalyptic territory (“Lucifer and God”) or tries to unpack frazzled relationships (“You Say You”). Mould still sounds best when he’s articulating anger at a high volume, and Patch the Sky succeeds largely because these songs sound as if they were hardwired to raw nerves. It’s only when the songs slow down slightly (“Hold On,” “Black Confetti”) that they start to feel like a generic slog.
While he might never be able to duplicate the desperate urgency of his iconic punk rock past, Mould more than makes up with it in terms of sheer intensity. At 55, Mould has managed to do a bit of everything, his career having come full circle several times over. His voice—an odd, atonal yelp—still sounds the most absolutely right when paired with overdriven guitars. “I keep searching, hoping, waiting for the sun that always shines so bright on everyone,” he sings on album closer “Monument” providing a little light amid the dissonance. The songs here aren’t necessarily breaking new ground stylistically, but that really isn’t what matters. At this point, Mould clearly has nothing left to prove” (Pitchfork)


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Jet Black & Dead Horse One – Split Single (2016)

Contundente sencillo compartido a pachas entre dos bandas con ciertos rasgos en común: algo más tendentes al Neo-Grunge la primera y un sonido más próximo al Neo-Psych la segunda. La cassette es absolutamente epatante.


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Clases Nocturnas – NIGHT SCHOOL: Blush (Graveface Records, 2016)

Coge algunos éxitos de grupos de chicas de los sesenta. Añádeles un bajo y guitarras muy distorsionados y una pizca de voces angelicales y ésa será la fórmula del debut en largo del trío de Oakland Night School. Una Girl-Band de inspiración clásica y sonidos contemporáneos.

“They began working on songs in the vein of 60’s bands such as The Crystals, The Shirelles and The Shangri-las with heavy distortion and reverb on guitars. The two began to work on their debut EP Heart Beat and recorded it in the spring of 2014. After the recording of Heart Beat, Baylie’s friend Cheyenne Avant, who had been living in Los Angeles, moved back up to Oakland and completed the band playing bass. Heart Beat was released in October of 2014 following a split EP with fellow label mates Dott entitled Carousel. Night School shared the stage with acts such as Best Coast, Whirr and Creepoid in 2015.
Night School’s debut full-length Blush is due out June 17th, 2016 with tour dates sprinkled around the release. Blush draws on influences such as 90’s era Weezer and the Beach Boys. The record features fuzzy guitars and twinkly leads paired with soft, reverb-heavy vocals and complex harmonies” (Press)


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Popforce – TIBET: Above the moon (Alcopop!, 2016)

Hacía tiempo que no posteábamos un disco sencillamente de Pop, en este caso con fuerte influencia del Power-Pop y del Indie más tradicional. Pues aquí están Tibet con su Above the moon. Un disco quizás sin demasiadas pretensiones, pero con el gancho y la energía suficiente para hacer pasar un buen rato.


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Turbulencias Sentimentales – LECCIONES DE VUELO: Caza (2016)

foto de LECCIONES DE VUELOLos madrileños Lecciones de Vuelo han dado un paso más adelante en todos los aspectos con este Caza (2016). Su segundo trabajo es, formalmente, el primero con la formación ampliada a sexteto. El primero grabado en un estudio profesional (aunque continúan con la fórmula de la autoedición), Ha sido grabado, mezclado y producido por Guille Mostaza en Álamo Shock y masterizado por Estanislao Elorza en Doctor Master; y es el paso adelante en madurez que toda banda suele ofrecer normalmente en su segundo disco.

Caza nos ofrece el florecimiento a nivel de letras de la banda: un disco en el que las turbulencias sentimentales o personales están a la orden del día. Pero también hay una maduración a nivel sonoro. Además de sonar mejor, LDV nos ofrecen un mayor espectro sonoro, ampliando éste hacia sintes, arreglos que en su sencillez, quizás antes no aparecían, y en general un tono más brillante en todo su conjunto.
Musicalmente hablando, las influencias de Lecciones sí que pasan por ser las mismas: el Pop de guitarras de toda la vida, influidos quizás por cierta huella del Pop de los ochenta e incluso por momentos de la Nueva Ola de finales de los setenta.
Caza es, probablemente, el álbum que confirmará a Lecciones de Vuelo ya no como una de las revelaciones del Pop de la década, sino como una banda plenamente consolidada.


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Dream Baby Dream – ULTRA MATERIAL: Double date (Black Wire Records, 2016)

Un juego de parejas, un juego de dúos. Así es la música de Ultra Material. Dos parejas de amigos deciden unir sus fuerzas para dar forma a este bello ejercicio de Dream-Pop con influencias claramente Kraut.

“Ultra Material are Sarah Deasy (vox/bass), Nick Skepper (guitar/vox), Zuzana Kovar (synthesizer), and Matthew Deasy (drums) from Brisbane, Australia. The two couples had been friends for years from playing shows together in Do The Robot and Sunshine State, and decided to join together to create a concentrated affair of longing, roads, and dreams dipped in a wash of sound. A simple joy turned into a transcendent haze of electric light, their first self titled EP was launched on cassette in August 2015 withDouble Date, their full length album, set to be released on vinyl in early May 2016 through Black Wire Records” (Press)


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Retro View – HIGH HILLS: Illusion (2016)

Pocos datos son los que disponemos de este combo de Montreal que factura una suerte de Psycho-Pop de raigambre surfera y aromas inevitablemente añejos…

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Oídos inquietos – LEAPLING: Suspended Animation (Exploding in Sound Recordings, 2016)

Leapling Cover

Dan Barnes agarró a dos colegas, los encerró tres días en el estudio y el resultado fue este Suspended Animation, el segundo álbum de Leapling, el nombre bajo el cual edita sus proyectos Barnes.
Un animoso trabajo de Power-Pop en el que el trío da rienda suelta a su energía en once cortes que tienen ese estilo musical como nexo de unión. Su sonido de guitarras me evoca muchísimo al celebrado y ochentero High Priest de Alex Chilton. Leapling le da un aura aún más guitarrera a su trabajo, acercándose, de paso a los trabajos más guitarreros del Indie-Pop de comienzos de los noventa.
Un disco, pues, más que ameno, recomendable y ciertamente fácil de digerir para amantes del Power-Pop más clásico.

“Suspended Animation is a louder record than their debut, though not without its mellower moments, the orchestral touches standing out. However, a lot of the softer qualities are inflated as well as the grinding highs. On closer “Time Keeps Tickin’”, the guitar and cello sweep and swoon like elevated exit music. As a true counterpoint, though, Leapling up the pop feel in a big way on “One Hit Wonder”. The background harmonies and bright guitar evoke bands of decades past that fell into the pit of the song’s title. The smattering of keyboard here, as well as across the album, adds another interesting color to their palette.
In its collage of grungey indie rock, power pop, and lots of new instrumentation, Leapling have embraced a sense of inconsistency. Suspended Animation requires a bit of patience, digging through the assorted influences and trying to put together an understanding of the album as a whole. But if you put in the time, the album’s writing is strong enough to bring these differences together. As with many other Exploding in Sound artists, Leapling somehow paradoxically both easily recall their peers and successfully step away from the predictability that that should entail” (Consequence of Sound)


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Gafas de colores – STARGAZER LILIES: Door to the sun (2016)

Densidad, trallazos emocionales, guitarras a volúmenes insanos y composiciones cien por cien shoegazers. La música de Stargazer Lilies transcurre mansamente por las orillas del género más justamente reivindicado de los últimos tiempos. Gran disco.

“Ex-Soundpool brain trust Kim Field and John “Cep” Ceparano return with Door to the Sun, their second offering under the Stargazer Lilies banner. As first heard on 2013’s We Are the Dreamers, their particular brand of shoegaze is as murky as a bog filled with expired psychedelics. If anything, the rays of kaleidoscopic sun that shone through the emptier spaces of their debut are fewer and farther between on their follow-up. With Los Angeles-based drummer Tammy Hirata now onboard, the sound they deliver is massive, extremely dense, and frequently difficult. Slowly exhaling its hot breath is opener “Golden Key,” one of the album’s more structured and accessible tracks. Ceparano‘s lonesome squalls of ambient guitar tone wail like a wayward wind as Field‘s airy and mostly unintelligible voice dances across the top like a tumbleweed. Comprised of eight fairly lengthy tracks,Door to the Sun is a highly cerebral set where tumult and anxiety share quarters with — and usually dominate — their cousin radiance. “Drive” feels like a four-minute slow-motion car wreck where shards of harmonic beauty spill out of its shattered windows. A heavy layer of menace rolls like tank treads underneath the oddly sweet vocal melodies of “When with You” suggesting hidden powers and motives. “Personal Autumn” — whose title seems like it must have been generated by a dream pop/shoegaze song algorithm — contains some distant verses mostly blanketed by a harsh pastiche of what could be heavily-treated leaf blowers and rotting Hal Blaine drum patterns. Aside from the underlying impression of threat that seems to pervade nearly every song, Door to the Sun plays out like a fairly standard, if exceedingly heavy shoegaze album. Hearing or understanding the Lilies‘ lyrics is out of the question, as is any real semblance of standard pop structure, but in the parlance of one of rock’s vaguer subgenres, it seems like they’ve succeeded” (All Music)

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Parole, Parole – CELÉSTICA: Palabras (Single, 2016)

“Segundo single en este año, Celéstica nos muestra su cara más guitarrera, una sólida base rítmica sobre la que descansa todo un entramado de guitarras distorsionadas y teclados envolventes que desembocan en un final instrumental. De nuevo, la contemplación y el movimiento como temas recurrentes en sus letras” (Prensa)


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Shoegaze over the world – WIND ALONG THE COAST: Don´t look back / Another life (Single, 2016)

Sorpresón de los grandes. ¿Os imagináis que en Krasnodar pueda existir una banda sonando a My Bloody Valentine o por poner un referente más cercano: a Cheatahs…? Pues esta banda se llama Wind Along the Coast. Sonidos anglófilos, guitarras con vaivenes, distorsiones ajustadas y un sonido preciosista. Tienen todos los elementos para poder debutar con un disco grande. 

“Describing Wind Along The Coast?s sound.. Probably now it is on confluence of shoegaze, noise-pop, indie, prog rock, may post punk” (Band)


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The Dandy Warhols se hacen mayores – Distortland (Dine Alone Music, 2016)


Pues sí, tras pasar un tiempo en un discreto segundo plano creativo, debido en parte a sus propios excesos musicales, The Dandy Warhols, una de nuestras bandas favoritas de los últimos tiempos, publican su noveno álbum de estudio: Distortland. Una especie de vuelta a los orígenes musicales, aunque tomando influencias que han ido pasando por sus oídos e impregnando su sonido. Un disco honesto, sencillo y que se deja oír con suma facilidad (reconozco que mis prejuicios habían impedido una audición desacomplejada anterior).
TDW son un combo que ha conseguido mucho con estructuras muy sencillas, y aquí lo vuelven a conseguir, con pildorazos como Catcher in the rye (no disumulan sus aficiones), Styggo, Pope Reverend Jim, All the girls in London, o la infecciosa You´re killing me.
En Doves vuelven a sonar lisérgicos (volvemos a incidir en sus orígenes), Search party se alinea en su vertiente más cool; Give y The grow up song son los temas más calmados e intimistas; y en Semper fidelis desempolvan los sintes y la cacharrería electrónica para desmarcarse algo del resto del álbum.
Distortland es una apuesta segura por la vuelta de The Dandy Warhols. Eso sí, una vuelta mucho más madura y reflexiva: “I’ve got to admit, I’m too old for this shit”

“With less sleaze and more reflection, the Dandies retain their wit with a wink, but aren’t as sneering as on prior releases. While their most popular hits tend to veer toward the infectious pop side of the spectrum, most of their albums contain a hefty amount of trippy dreamscapes. Distortland isn’t as in-your-face as the more muscular tracks on This Machine, nor is it as shiny as Welcome to the Monkey House. Without any immediate hits like “We Used to Be Friends” or “Bohemian Like You,” the band seems to have left behind that commercial urge on Distortland, instead focusing on vibes and sensations. The album struts but never fully rocks out, leaning heavily on the dulcet side. There are a few moments where the Dandies allow that grit to dirty things a bit, like on the nocturnal creep of “Semper Fidelis,” whose sinister crunch could fit nicely alongside Monkey House‘s darker selections. The rollicking surf-boogie of “Pope Reverend Jim” sounds like a collision between “The Rockafeller Skank” and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, while the chugging power pop of single “You Are Killing Me” would make Weezerproud. Otherwise, Distortland is ready-made for wandering open roads and tripping out in grassy fields, especially on the enveloping fuzz of “Give.” The psych-haze billows in on the opening “Search Party,” a ’60s-style acid wash that floats along on a synth cloud and hand claps, while “Catcher in the Rye” is a classic Dandies plodder with Zia McCabe‘s elastic bass providing a mellow bounce that sounds like the sibling to 2003’s “I Am Over It.” Other nostalgic nods pop up elsewhere: the bongo jam “STYGGO” (“some things you gotta get over”) is a toned-down “Cool Scene,” and the sun-splashed epic “Doves” could fit in nicely on the back end of Earth to the Dandy Warhols. While the band remains eclectic, exploring some new concepts and expanding on past sonics, Distortland doesn’t meander as much as the Dandies have on past efforts, keeping things relatively focused. Although it isn’t their strongest work, Distortland is an enjoyable late-era addition to their catalog that breathes as much as it pleases” (All Music)

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Visiones Futuristas – MUÑECO: Teoría del cielo (El Genio Equivocado, 2016)

“Teoría del Cielo” es un trabajo que ha llevado más de año y medio de composición y donde mezclan terrenos ya transitados con nuevos sonidos de la electrónica más bailable. En este trabajo han estado trasteando con juguetes nuevos, nuevos sintes, samplers, cajas de ritmo… cosa que les ha servido para explorar terrenos nuevos. Esta experimentación ha desembocado en un trabajo que incluso ya piensan como de transición, pues la intención es seguir experimentando con la electrónica en un futuro” (Prensa)


Sábado, 3 diciembre 2016
➜ Sala Razzmatazz (Barcelona)

Viernes, 9 diciembre 2016
➜ El Genio Equivocado Fest en Moby Dick Club (Madrid) + Pacífico + Las Ruinas

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Fuzzy Ponies – MINIHORSE: More time (Ep, 2016)

Minihorse - More Time - FYea

Retazos de Fuzz-Pop, retazos de Power-Pop y la huella de gentes como Alex Chilton. El resultado es el Ep de debut de Mini Horse, adelanto del que será su debut, que se publicará la próxima semana.

“Minihorse’s genetic inheritance is a recombination of bedroom transistor wizards like Bob Pollard, cruising guitar rock into the outer valences of space in a shit-can convertible, and the brandied humor of Evan Dando and Alex Chilton, approaching the void with a pack of cigarettes.
Cooing sarcasm over a wallop of scuzzy power pop, Collins pokes at misfit notions of belonging or purpose with a Jason Lytle sigh. “Hollywood painted it black/Wait. Paint it back,” he jokes before the dam breaks on “Drink You Dry.”
Collins and his fellow Ypsilanti yntroverts, bassist Christian Anderson and drummer John Fossum, are giddy with their musical contraptions. They scatter hooks like firecrackers on a blacktop throughout opener “Blueblack” and beat down doors with cool-headed kraut jam “Pinstripe Web” (Friendship Fever)


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Power-Pop de guitarras – CAREY: Carey (Old Flame Records, Ep, 2016)

La música de este trío de Nashville poco tiene que ver con el Country pero sí con el Power-Pop de guitarras, como reza el enunciado. Mucha relación con el clásico y cautivador sonido de los setenta mezclado con las dosis de guitarras y el toque Emo necesario. Muy entretenidos (aunque yo diferenciaría algo su nombre para no confundir con cierta rolliza solista en las búsquedas por internet…)


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