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Vetiver: Tight Knit (2009), Bella Union, Sub Pop

Nos encontramos hoy ante el cuarto álbum del proyecto del músico californiano Andy Cabic, Vetiver, un disco de tintes intimistas, a medio camino entre el Folk, el songwriter y la americana. Canciones sencillas, desnudas de arreglos (“There are songs here that allude to elements of everything I’ve done so far, and songs that have something which heretofore I maybe only hinted at.”) En algunos temas, algo más animadillos, Cabic toma elementos más sesenteros (Everyday, Rolling Sea -que tiene un aire a Ray Davies-, On the other side -cuya escala de acordes básicos es calcada al So you want to be a Rock´n´Roll star de The Byrds, o More of this. Pero la tónica general del disco es el de un álbum acústico e intimista: “Vetiver‘s songs have been described as “dreamy, gentle songs that George Harrison would have written in some sunny country garden.” Happily, that element is alive and well on songs such as Rolling Sea and Everyday. Tight Knit also introduces new aspects of the band’s sound with the light bop of Sister and On the Other Side, as these songs glide along with a steady bounce and groove. Tight Knit also contains the faraway and ethereal Down from Above and At Forest Edge, which conjure up images of misty mornings simultaneously filled with sunlight and fog” (Vetiver home page)

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