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Regresión – WEED HOUNDS: Double life (Don Giovanni Records, 2017)

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Auténtica regresión a los noventa: muros de guitarras distorsionadas, voces angelicales, espíritu transgresor y cierta desidia. ¿Os resulta familiar? Pues la música de WEED HOUNDS es algo así, una auténtica bofetada (guitarrera) a las conciencias adocenadas.

“Referencing this unfulfilled quest for something – maturity, “cool,” responsibility, adulthood, love – has acted not only as a fixture of shoegaze music since its inception, but also as an access point for the listener. These songs seem geared, even on a musical level, for wistfulness and evoking memories of youth and free-spirited enterprise that only a backyard, a radio, and the post-school hours can bring. The Pumpkins by way of Cocteau Twins nocturnal grunge of “Undertow” and the punkier rave-up of the title track “Double Life” seem rife with the opportunity to simply be pinned as “throwbacks,” but the tunefulness and the gusto with which these songs are played more than rationalize their existence in a world already teeming with bands who are truly only “throwbacks.”
Another unique aspect of the record is the way in which it feels like the songs become more emotionally revealing as the record moves forward, a detail indebted to not just the haze of guitars growing more lucid, but also the vocals becoming more prominent. By the time final track and lone ballad “Wait” rolls around Catalano is near-bare – in shoegaze terms – and deadpanning a stark admission that “You know I’ll always wait for you, no matter what you’re going through.” What happens here is truly ingenious as, on its own, the sentiment almost feels rote, but bookending a collection of songs that begins with “Oxalis” takes on the poignant air of maturity. Where the protagonist of the first song is heard eyeing others in admiration, now it seems as if they has finally learned to grow up and be patient with those around them.  Now, it seems, that obscure object of desire is well within grasp and Catalano’s protagonist need only have the patience to wait for “you,” a definitive sign of maturity on this character’s part. And simply put, isn’t that what it’s all about, Alfie?  
Weed Hounds leave us on this note, matured, assured, and hopefully without making us wait so long for another slice of their unique, beautifully-rendered brand of rock” (Post Trash)

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Weed Hounds: Weed Hounds (Stupid Bag Records, 2014)

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