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Hailer: El Cosmico (2014)

Disco con sonidos interesantes, rockistas, oscuros, cercanos por momentos a la Psicodelia, pero quizás algo diversos, con distintos cambios de estilo que hacen poco por darle un espíritu de unidad al mismo. Con todo, hay buenos momentos en el mismo: Crucify the commodore, Digging holes, Symbol and allegory

The story begins in January 2012 in Sydney, Australia at guitarist Pete Beringer’s studio compound. We took the clocks off the walls and by the 8th sunrise we had a new album on tape … but this breakneck speed was bound to crash. A few weeks later, Pete, who engineered the album, dislocated his shoulder whilst cavorting with his girlfriend. Delays to livelihood and album progress ensued by way of surgery, sling and analgesics. The chips were down…
Ten months and 10,000 miles later, Nick Stumpf (Caveman, French Kicks, Coke Weed) mixed and mastered the new album in Brooklyn, NYC. 
Although the new material shares the eclectic spirit of the Good Canyon, the new recordings track a departure from the psychedelic mellow sound-scapes of Good Canyon to a more rhythmic guitar-driven music resulting in an intensity of sound that the groups live performances are known for.
“Spooky Clams” is the first single off the new LP, titled, Another Way – out in February 2013 through Laughing Outlaw & Inertia Records. ‘Clams’ is a song recorded and written for 2012 – freedom in the information age, discordant peoples, parties, protests and jumbled dream-talk…get groovy” (Press)

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