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The Shoreline Dream: Pura energía. “Whirlwind” es su último sencillo (Latenight Weeknight Records, 2016)

Nuevo sencillo de The Shoreline Dream. Fuerza reiterativa, guitarras punzantes y mensaje sencillo…

“The things we like most in stoner rock, dream pop, shoegaze and prog-tinted postrock” Overblown Magazine)


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A Shoreline Dream: Revolvist (Latenight Weeknight Records, Single, 2015)

Ecos absolutamente ochenteros e influencias de bandas tales como BauhausLove and Rockets, The Damned, Sisters of MercyNine Inch Nails

“Revelations into the upcoming album continue to resonate from US based progressive shoegazers A Shoreline Dream with the latest single/video titled “revolvist”. Inspired by sounds of music past while longing for something to trudge through the snowy months with, the song itself is a bass-driven, goth influenced dance number from vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Policky.
During a month long stint locked away for the early winter, “revolvist” made it’s way from this half coherant dream, into a full-on explosion of sound ready to be leaked out to fans as the album continues on. Ryan calls it “a dance routine needed to remind oneself that winter needs to be more than the usual heavy-hearted sound one would expect from an emotionally tinged band such as us.” It’s in fact a grander, uptempo version of ASD, hinting back at the moodiness of sound layering the band has been known for throughout their releases, but with a rhythm and overall vibe unlike anything previously recorded by the band” (Press)


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A Shoreline Dream: This is a machine gun (Single, 2015)

A Shoreline Dream has been best described as creating “melodipsych night music” by combining lush sampled textures, wall of sound dynamics, and vocals layered like a synth, similar in vein to bands such as Cocteau Twins, Porcupine Tree and Sigur Rós


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