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Youth Castles: Sight seeing (Single, 2011)

 Sight Seeing Cover Art

Los chicos de Youth Castles acaban de editar un nuevo single que sigue la estela de aquel Demos (2011) ya reseñado en TJB. En este Sight seeing, Youth Castles continúan en la senda del Shoegaze de ambientes densos, tintes melodramáticos y voces un tanto monocordes. Prometen nuevo material en breve para el sello Bleach Blonde Records.

Youth Castles – Sight seeing (Single, 2011)

“Good good news. My pals in Youth Castles has a new track on their bandcamp. This one tones down the ear-burning a little bit and heads down a vaguely dreamy pop avenue. Dan Abary has a knack for penning these vaguely goth shoegaze jams that would have fit in perfectly in the 1980’s melodramatic scene.
Right now the band is preparing an upcoming 7” for Bleach Blonde Records (which is run by Ritchie San Luis of Telenovelas). After that they’ll be dropping their debut EP on the world. These dudes are one of my favorite new bands and I can’t wait to hear what they’re gonna unleash in the coming months” (

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Youth Castles: Demos (2011)

 DEMOS Cover Art

Youth Castles es otra de esas bandas a seguir si eres buen aficionado Shoegazer. Proceden de Brooklyn aunque no tienen mucho que ver con la mayor parte de grupos que están surgiendo de la zona. Ellos facturan un Shoegaze de libro, mezclando Noise-Pop con esas melodías un tanto apagadas y con esas voces un tanto monocordes que My Bloody Valentine pusieron de moda. Son sólo tres temas que puedes descargar desde su Bandcamp, colaborar con la banda o descargar desde un enlace externo que allí mismo encontrarás. Interesantes…

Youth Castles – Demos (2011)

“I have been craving some good shoegazey noise pop lately. You know, something to remind me why I love My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Cocteau Twins so much. Thankfully, Brooklyn band Youth Castles gave me that. They currently only have three tracks to download on their bandcamp, but they are three amazing tracks. Plus, I’d rather have three great tracks than an album full of mediocre ones. 
As far as authenticity goes, these guys are spot on. The reverb, the layered singing, the borderline monotone vocals, the haze of electric fuzz. It’s all there. There is a vibrant energy to this music, it’s electric and you can feel it in your fingertips when you listen to it. It’s the kind of delicious noise that you just want to wrap your head in and forgot all the crap that life brings.
If you couldn’t already tell I’m kinda geeking out over this band. I really hope that they record more stuff in the future, because I’ll be eagerly awaiting it” (

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