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Twin Library: Historical Tumblers (2014)

“There are so many bands writing creative music today, that it’s quite nearly impossible to get to hear them all. With that in mind, I’d like to remind you about the Canadian act, Twin Library. I’ve written about the group before, and as I’m always stalking my favorites, I was made aware that they’ve just put up a great new album, Historical Tumblers. Personally, this track is one of my favorites on the record, though it’s also one of the shorter numbers; it’s a very simple bit of melody that draws me in every time.” 
Austin Town Hall, April 2014

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Twin Library: They were marked as targets (2013)

They Were Marked As Targets cover art

Personalmente recomendado por el grupo para fans de Rem, Guided by Voices, The Wedding Present, The Clean… cuando lo dicen será por algo. Reminiscencias folkies, tonos LoFi y canciones, buenas canciones. El ingrediente principal de un buen plato preparado para gourmets Indies como aquellos a los que va dirigido este segundo trabajo en lo que va de año de la banda de Edmonton.

“It’s hard to put into words just how effortlessly a minor punk anthem like ‘Lower Flag’ flows into the gentle currents of ‘Abandon Everyone’, or how a short blast of instrumentation like ‘Instrumental Propeller’ can set the tone of an entire record in just 33 seconds…
‘Bluedays’ is a lovely, hazy summer afternoon lullaby; ‘The Surgery Never Left’ targets your ears like a heat-seeking missile of lo-fi pop explosives; ‘The Wreckage’ defying its name by being delicately, gorgeously constructed…”
(Quick Before It Melts)

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Twin Library: Lowways (2013)

Lowways cover artComo afirman correctamente en su Bandcamp, un sonido híbrido de Garage, Folk y Pop chirriante. Literalmente. Ni más ni menos. Una mezcla quizás demasiado heterogénea (para mi gusto) y en ocasiones abigarrada (Lower flag). Lo cierto es que esa mixtura les va como anillo al dedo, y hacen de esa capacidad de superponer estilos más una virtud que un defecto. El hecho es que este Lowways, su octavo trabajo desde 2008, se digiere con facilidad y además puedes compartirlo y/o disfrutarlo pagando lo que consideres oportuno si pinchas en su Bandcamp.


“A homemade hybrid of garage folk and creaking pop, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and acoustic guitars with buzzing strings. Voices and pianos whisper around in the drift, occasionally hitting tambourines. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, The Velvet Underground, The Wedding Present, Ride, The Clean…” (Bandcamp)

“A quiet element to the recording quality that makes it extremely personal…while there are some really soft moments on the album, there are also experiments with noise, which provide a little bit of differentiation, giving the record more endurance from spin to spin” (

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Twin Library: Softer seasons (2011)

Softer Seasons Cover Art

La música de Twin Library es algo así como la unión de los primeros tiempos de Rem o Guided by Voices con The Velvet Underground o su discípulo Jonathan Ritchman. Una especie de cruce de caminos entre el Folk, el Pop y la música de raíces. Otros han querido ver en ella ciertos rescoldos de música digamos que festivo-veraniega, aunque a mí me suena más a intimismo e introspección reflexiva, con ciertos tonos folkies. El tratamiento de su música, grabada según planteamientos estrictamente Lo-Fi´s, con escasez de arreglos, instrumentación, baterías y desde luego arreglos; llega tan sólo a sencillas distorsiones y escaso tratamiento en la producción.
Pero vamos con lo importante. Los temas incluidos en Softer seasons (2011), tienen ese toque artesanal que ofrece el Folk-Pop pero a la vez ese tono como dijimos introspectivo, aunque con temas como I asked her to build me a plane o I dare you to leave, la sensación es de cierto reencuentro con los sonidos de la banda de Lou Reed y John Cale. Sin duda son las mejores del disco, ya que el resto de los ocho temas van en una onda más intimista y Folkie.
En cualquier caso, el disco de los de Edmonton (Canadá), nos es ofrecida para su disfrute, deleite e incluso descarga legal desde su Bandcamp. Dedícales unos minutos y me cuentas.

Twin Library – Softer seasons (2011)

“Compact and filled with all the goodness that the low-fi sound has to offer, grit, creaks, and echos, Twin Library’s Softer Seasons will be a perfect addition to your summer listening.
Not quite punk or indie-rock (your typical culprits of using low-fi) and with a hint of folk, Twin Library brings together multiple music genres for a welcoming marriage. Underneath all of the sonic fuzz, you’ll discover beautiful and elegantly worded lyrics, an element you wouldn’t think could match a music style with such disarray.
Recorded this past spring, the lyrical verses are filled with descriptions of natural settings while the music style has a familiar and melodic retro-sound. The chorus in “Soft Bungalows,” which is one of the more subdued songs, “Soon the time will stay still like the summer/ Like radio and soft bungalows,” is a great example of the sort of lyrics found in Softer Seasons.
Tracks like “Here Come Slow Ends” and “I Dare You To Leave” feature a more up-beat tempo not to far from the sounds of Chicago based band, Smith Westerns. A standout from the album has to be “I Asked Her To Build Me A Plane.” With the eight song album tracking in at around seventeen minutes, “I Asked Her To Build Me A Plane” is appropriately short but with the best lyrical and instrumental hook off the album.

Even though it might be a short musical venture, Softer Seasons doesn’t lack any musical depth.
Softer Seasons is a free download over at the Twin Library’s Bandcamp page. When you’re there, check out their other great releases” (Grayowl Point)

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