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She Sir: Yens (Ep, 2010)


Que el Shoegaze está de vuelta es conocido por todos. Que el Dream-Pop ha regresado también. Que hay bandas como She Sir que conjugan ambas tendencias lo vamos comprobando a lo largo de todo lo que va de curso musical. Esta  conjunción da lugar a temas etéreos como los que componen este Yens (2010) un disco que es algo así como la mezcolanza de Cocteau Twins con The Beach Boys, de Mojave 3 con Ride. Una especie de unión de la estética Shoegazer con la melodía y la actitud de los clásicos. Un disco en el que los temas parecen como breves apuntes del gran tema Pop que parece que va a llegar pero que, desgraciadamente, se queda algo en el intento. Recientemente este Ep se ha publicado de nuevo en Ev´ry Thing in Paris (2010), álbum en el que se reúnen el Ep que hemos comentado más temas de su etapa previa del Ep Who can´t say yes (2006).

She Sir: Yens (Ep, 2010)

“4 songs on this EP, and it feels that for the most part they are far too short. Opener “Ginger” barely troubles 90 seconds, which for such a gentle indie pop / shoegaze thing is simple not going to cut it. Fluttering vocals, pleasant guitar strums and an air similar to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, it glides to a halt before I am, or it for that matter, is ready. Fortunately “Lemongrass” is a more sensible length, at around two and a half minutes, which is much more sensible. This one brings together soft male and female vocals, working well in tandem over the typically dreamy backing hums and synths. Definitely the pick of the tracks here. Then there is “Golden Ways”, which doesn’t really quite come together as a fully formed song, failing to hook me in despite some nice bits that then fall away into inconsequential ‘gazing. The short EP is brought to a close on “Boystown” which also doesn’t feel like a completely fleshed out idea, fading away into obscurity before it ever got going. I guess this release is intended as a taster for the band rather than a fully fledged release, and it serves that purpose reasonably well. There are some moments that hint at better things to come at least” (

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