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Hunx and His Punx: Street punk (Hardly Art, 2013)

Hunx and His Punx han pasado en breve tiempo de un Bubblegum cavernoso a este producto llamado Street punk, su segundo trabajo, un disco en el que Seth Bogart y Shannon Shaw han optado por decantarse hacia un Proto-Punk mucho más sucio y aguerrido que el sonido que les caracterizó en sus primeros tiempos.
Auténticos dardos envenenados, breves e intensas inyecciones sonoras que nos pueden recordar lo mismo a The Misfits que a The Stooges, pildorazos de minuto cuarenta de esos que te ponen a cien en un momento.
¿Aciertan con el cambio? ¿Te gusta más su faceta a lo Cramps…? Eso lo decides tú. A mí me divierten estas dos caras de una moneda, si no la misma, sí que muy cercana y parecida.


“HUNX AND HIS PUNX have returned with Street Punk—a new album filled with the catchiest and most hateful punk songs heard in eons. Street Punk is an unrelenting tour de force, echoing early 80s hardcore, 90s grrl sounds, Darby Crash on helium, and the female answer to The Misfits.
After members dropping like flies and moving around the country, Hunx and His Punx is now led by Seth Bogart and Shannon Shaw, who split songwriting and vocal duties. In the years since their last album, 2011’s Too Young To Be in Love, Seth recorded a solo album called  Hairdresser Blues (2012) and started a homemade TV Show called Hollywood Nailz, while Shannon released Dreams In The Rat House (2013)  with her other band Shannon and the Clams.  Somehow during all of this Seth and Shannon managed to secretly meet in Los Angeles and Oakland to gob out Street Punk.
Recorded in just a couple days by Facundo Bermudez (who has produced albums by Mika Miko and No Age), Street Punk includes a cover of the Beastie Boys’ early hardcore anthem “Egg Raid on Mojo” and songs about bad skin,  teen angst, social wimpery, trash, isolation, schizophrenia, peroxided delusion, rat parties and vengeance” (Hardly Art)

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Hunx and his Punx: Too young to be in love / Lovers lane


Hardly Art parece que se va a convertir en el nuevo sello de moda. No es de extrañar si continúan trabajando con gentes como La Sera, Woven Bones, Jacuzzy Boys, Seapony o Hunx and his Punx. ¿Quiénes son Hunx and his Punx? Pues son un combo de California que ha grabado su debut en NYC. Su sonido es una especie de cruce entre el Bubblegum, el Retro-Pop, el Wall of Sound y por qué no decirlo, algo de la provocación de The Creeps. De vez en cuando me reconforta bastante encontrarme con grupos que se tomen con tanto sentido del humor y de la ironía la música, componiendo temas a la vez redondos ycontundentes. De alguna manera me recuerdan a los ya extintos (y admirados y añorados ya en The JangleBox) The Loves. El núcleo del grupo lo compone un chico (Seth Bogart, aka Hunx) que es algo así como un Flavio McNamara en mallas de tigre; y su acompañamiento femenino, liderado por Shannon Shaw más Michelle Santamaria, Erin Emslie y Amy Blaustein. Su imagen es un cruce entre The Creeps, lo Retro y lo casposo. Todo un cóctel bastante explosivo que puede resultar interesante. Habrá que seguirles la pista. Por lo pronto, puedes disfrutar de estos dos temas en formato Mp3 para tu deleite gratuito. ¡Qué aprendan muchos sellos patrios!

Hunx and his Punx – Too young to be in love

Hunx and his Punx – Lovers lane

“Too Young To Be In Love also marks the first time the group has ever been comprised entirely by “punkettes”—another name for the all girl band that band leader Seth Bogart (aka Hunx) always dreamed of. Shannon Shaw (of Shannon and the Clams) plays bass, and wrote three of the album’s songs. Her powerful voice on “Lovers Lane” and “The Curse of Being Young” crackles and breaks with a raw ferocity that perfectly compliments Hunx’s swoon-worthy nasal croon. This album also represents a distinct reversal of roles—the all-girl quartet (Shaw, plus guitarist Michelle Santamaria, drummer Erin Emslie, and Amy Blaustein on guitar/organ) bring the fire… while Hunx brings the softness—the sweet, oh so sweet, sugar.  All of the ladies sing on this album, and their voices combine to create some modern Wall of Sound magic.
Hunx and His Punx might be the first ever “girl group” fronted by a flamboyant gay male whose dream in life is to sound like a girl. They have created a unique new sound they refer to as “Young Oldies,” a mixture of 50s teenage rock ‘n’ roll, 60s girl groups and bubblegum pop.  
Hunx is that boy you just wanna kiss—maybe after sharing a triple scoop ice cream cone, then roller skating with the Shangri-Las and Redd Kross rotating on a never-ending loop. He’s the boy in that picture from your high school yearbook—the one you pasted sparkly red heart stickers all over, then taped inside your locker. He’s the boy you fantasize about because he always saves you from your broken heart. You’ve never met him—but you love him… because you know he believes in love.   
“I only write songs out of heartbreak,” says Hunx of the new record. Older songs focused on trashier homoerotic topics like cruising and boyfriend stealing. But Too Young To Be In Love is all about love and heartbreak. People tend to have scandalous ideas about Seth “Hunx” Bogart. This can happen when you try to French kiss the entire front row at one of your shows, pose for photographs nude or bare everything in the video for “Lust For Life” by the band Girls.  But behind all of this is a sweet and somewhat innocent entertainer who knows how to put on a show.
Despite the sweet overtones of Too Young To Be Love, there is also plenty of heartbreak and some dark moments. One might think, at first glance, that the final track, “Blow Me Away” is a winking nod to fellatio. “It’s a song about my father who killed himself when I was a teenager,” says Hunx, somehow proving that the album’s title, Too Young To Be In Love, might be selling Bogart a little short. He has never been “too young.” And he really does believe in love” (

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