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TJB Cover´s Game

The Rebel Light: Be my baby (Single, 2014)

Everyone seemed to like it so much that we decided to take a shot at playing Phil Spector for the week and record it ourselves! Staying true to our DIY roots, we recorded the vocals in our bathroom and drums in a shed. So here you have it….
“Be My Baby” produced, engineered, and mixed by The Rebel Light ….We even roped our friend into playing violin! We hope you like it!

Los Destrozamitos: Be my baby (Demo, 1988)

Nuestro particular homenaje al genio Phil Spector. Grabado en directo en el local de ensayo, en 1988.

John Lennon: Be my baby (Cover, 1974)

Patti Smith Group: Be my baby (Cover)

The Ronettes: Be my baby (Single, 1963)

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