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Male Pattern Band: Raining (Single, 2011)


Hubo un tiempo en que en Escocia se facturaba el mejor Pop que se realizaba prácticamente en el universo Indie. Teenage Fanclub, Eugenius, BMX Bandits, Primal Scream, The Pastels, The Delgados… eran tan sólo unos pocos de los muchísimos grupos que despuntaron en la década de los noventa. Male Pattern Band provienen también de Escocia. No digo que vayan a tomar el relevo de aquellas bandas, pero tienen algo que apunta a banda de futuro: producción sencilla, buenas melodías, canciones compactas… Raining es su tema estrella, una canción a medias entre el Lo-Fi de Pavement y esa mezcla tan peculiar de Folk-Rock que tienen muchas bandas de la tierra del whisky. Puedes descargar el tema pinchando en el enlace.

Male Pattern Band: Raining (Single, 2011)

“It seems like there are quality bands popping up in Scotland at an alarming rate at the moment, and what makes it so exciting is that they aren’t all tied to a single sound, or movement, they are spread across the musical landscape evenly. So for every 16-year old Dubstep producer like Hangman you get a band as simple, melodic and perfectly formed as Male Pattern Band. To date they have self-released two EPs of their self-proclaimed “Junkyard Pop”.  Their trademark song, “Raining”, encapsulates everything that’s great about the band: ramshackle production, big simple melodies and heartfelt and well-observed lyrics. They are young, and seem to have that ability to be able to toss off great little ditties at will. Have a listen below to a band that surely have a good future ahead of them. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of info online about these guys so I can’t tell you much more, but we’ll keep an eye out and keep you updated with any future releases” (

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Oír-Hear: Raining (Single, 2011)

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