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Squarehead: Respect (Popical Island, 2013)

Mezcolanzas diversas aparecen en el sonido de Squarehead: Grunge, Surf, Pop clásico, algo de Noise, algo de Jangle, y mucha mucha distorsión en forma de enérgicos pildorazos a lo largo de casi todo el álbum. Para fans de Nirvana, The Wipers

A mix of surf-pop harmonies, old school rock ‘n’ roll rhythms and guitar jangles, Squarehead draw inspiration from the melodies of The Beach Boys and Portland’s The Wipers. The album, results in a modern take on classic pop where lyrics about girls and good-time sentiments combine with singalong hooks to produce something fresh and exuberant away from classic pop pastiche” (Facebook)

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