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Oh Minnows: Might (Ep-2009), Young and Lost Club

Debut discográfico del que fuera miembro de Semifinalists Chris Steele Nicholson, quien ha facturado este Ep de tres temas de aire Synth-Pop con una fuerte influencia del Pop de los ochenta en su versión algo más afectada y ñoña, tipo Duran Duran o Roxy Music. Nada nuevo ni espectacular, si acaso la tercera canción, Dear, una baladita acústica que comienza pausadamente pero concluye de forma épica, lo que la desluce notablemente.
“The Might-Ep’ is the debut release from Oh Minnows, the new band of Chris from Semifinalists. Might is a fine song that contains some of those immaterial ingredients, capable of transforming a bunch of notes written on a sheet of paper into a great, ultra-romantic melody. Slow and well-shaped, captivating like a classic 80s tune. The ghost of that decade continues to cast a nostalgic shadow over indie-music. Chris and Ferry have always garnered inspiration from that stuff and now they seem ready to emphasize this aspect, pushing the accelerator towards an evocative synth-pop close to split enz. It’s limited to 500 7″s only and comes with amazing art work by Ferry Guow”. (
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