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Gate: Sekai (2013)

Sekai cover art

|˟˟| pronounced ‘Gate’, is an experiment in improvised music by Lajos Ishibashi-Brons, a Dutch philosopher and musician living in Japan. The name of the project, ‘Gate’, summarizes its intended nature: a gate is in between, in between inside and outside, between here and there, between now and then; and a gate is a passageway, both an entrance and an exit, and a point where paths cross. The symbol |˟˟| is a simplification of the ‘broken gate radical’ 鬥, which (on its own) is a Chinese character meaning ‘struggle’, representing another core theme of the project: dissonance, discomfort, distress.
Gate is an experiment in two senses: the project makes heavy use of experimental instruments designed and built for just this purpose, and the project’s music extrapolates experiments with sound: it is always an experimental setting, technique, or process that sets further musical developments into motion. The resulting soundscapes are somewhere in between noise, free jazz, drone, ambient, industrial, and East and Central-Asian traditional music. They are not necessarily ‘pleasant’ soundscapes, however, or at least not intended to be, but rather expressions of the project’s themes: indeterminacy (‘in between’), confrontation (‘crossing paths’), dissonance. They are reflections of the world we live in, not attempts to embellish it” (Fluttery Records)


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