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Robot Princess: Action park (Single, Fleeting Youth Records, 2015)

“Action Park– where frontman Beau Alessie uses the dangers of the infamous NJ theme park as a nostalgic metaphor for the pratfalls of falling in love– is the first taste of Robot Princess’s forthcoming cassette release which holds their Teen Vogue LP and Action Moves EP. 
Full of slick and witty short stories about swamp monsters, girl troubles, getting arrested, and the psyche of video game space fighters, frontman Beau Alessi and company embrace their inner geek and turn it into fun and infectious rock that never seems to wear thin.
The band recorded their debut album, Teen Vogue, at Serious Business Studios in NYC a couple of years ago but never fully released it to the public. Recently, band member Catherine Anderson (keytar) produced their EP, Action Moves, and decided to bring both records together to give everyone a proper introduction to one of NYC’s best kept secrets” (Press)

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