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Emma Kupa: Home cinema (Wiaiwya Records, 2015)

Home Cinema cover art
“Home Cinema is a mini album; six songs of spritely jangle-folk-indie-country, about family, death, drink problems, holocaust survivors and communism.
Home Cinema is a succinct, catchy and honest record; it feels like Emma is entrusting you with her closest family secrets, but – damn her – she’s putting them to a tune so infectious there’s nothing you can do to keep them to yourself. Home Cinema features six earworms about members of Emma’s family:“Katie was my grandmother’s cousin who I struck up a friendship with and visited before she died; she had very blue eyes. Charlie was my grandad and a handsome Jewish communist. ‘There Will Come A Day’ is about my mum; she is the serious looking twin on the record’s cover. Her mother (on the far left) died when she was 5.”


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