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The Earth is made of nylon: O.K. Carol (Single, 2011)

O.K. Carol Cover Art

El Pop de aristas chirriantes y con tintes sesenteros es el protagonista en la música de The Earth is made of nylon, un combo australiano que hemos descubierto en el gran blog Cactus-Mouth pero de quienes ni ellos ni yo tenemos ningún tipo de información. En cualquier caso O.K.Carol es un bonito tema de escasa producción pero de gran intensidad emocional. Algo así a como sonaban The Raveonettes -protagonistas hoy también en TJB-, en sus comienzos, pero con peor producción. Lo puedes descargar desde su Bandcamp.

The Earth is made of nylon – O.K.Carol (Single, 2011)

“I will contend that “O.K. Carol” is one of the sweetest 1960’s teen pop inspired songs that you will hear all year. But if you are a listener with fragile eardrums then I implore you: tread carefully. Here things crackle and pop and challenge the listener to dig deeper than production value. It’s a world of jagged lines and piercing noise, but in the center is an ooey-gooey pop melody that makes it all worth it.
I have literally no clue who is behind the curtain with The Earth Is Made of Nylon, but it really doesn’t matter because whoever they are, they write some slammin’ noise pop. And if you listen to all of the single tracks that they put up on their bandcamp then you will notice that they are only getting noisier as time goes on (the exact opposite of the cleaned-up-sound approach that many bands of this ilk are taking). Like the blurred photographs on the cover artwork, everything here is shrouded in a thick cloud of mystery. And really, that’s how I like it” (

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