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Street Chant: Hauora (Flying Nun Ltd., 2016)

STREET CHANT - Hauora - Flying Out

Desde Nueva Zelanda nos siguen llegando novedades interesantes, como este regreso de Street Chant, una banda de eso que llamamos Pop-Punk (aunque hay muchos que no comulgan con la etiqueta), aunque la banda va algo más allá del calificativo, y se acercan por momentos al Pop más cándido (Never, One more year, Pedestrian support league…) o al más desenfadado (Insides, Sink). Un disco para disfrutarlo sin intentar ponerle etiquetas o buscarle interioridades: Pop efectivo y altamente lúdico.

“Following a half-decade that’s seen them tour internationally in support of bands as acclaimed as The Lemonheads, The Dead Weather and The 3Ds, as well as multiple trips to SXSW, CMJ and Big Sound, the very-long- awaited release of second full-length Hauorafinds the band picking up where their lauded, New Zealand Music Award-winning debutMeans (2010, Arch Hill) left off. A compact, energised and complex set of songs plumbing the intriguing depths of the Urban New Zealand Condition in the early 21st century, Hauora wears the influence of the city it was made in. From the Saturday night booze binges of ‘Sink’ to the petty shared-house bleakness of ‘Pedestrian Support League’, the album explores in sardonic humour and hook-laden melodies the highs and woes and creative life in Auckland City.
Hauora is that rarest of sophomore efforts; an album that continues a pre-existing trajectory without resorting to repetition or routine. Given that its name is taken from the Māori word for the four aspects of personal health – spiritual, physical, mental and social – it’s fitting that Hauora plays like an exorcism of sorts. There’s catharsis palpable throughout, while Edrosa’s pervasive optimism and energetic wit brings the album’s intense energy full circle.
Though the band’s composition has gone through some changes since Means – while Edrosa and bassist Billie Rogers remain, drummer Alex Brown was replaced by Chris Varnham (Wilberforces) post-recording – their modus operandi remains progressive and active as ever. Over a choppily-strummed acoustic guitar, Edrosa closes the album on ‘Hauora Forever’ by stating plainly, tongue ever-so-slightly in cheek, “If every day was a Sunday / I’d forget to be depressed”. It’s apparent that with the release of Hauora, Street Chant have little to be sad about” (Press)

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Street Chant: Pedestrian Support League (Arch Hill Recordings, Single, 2015)

Pedestrian Support League is a song loosely about Auckland life. Coming back from being on tour a lot and moving back into a crummy flat in Grey Lynn I felt an extreme sense of ennui amongst my peers and especially in myself. A few years ago I had felt excitement for the future and now I was paranoid my flatmates were stealing all my margerine. The chorus “enrol to vote and so it goes, everyone dresses like us nowadays..” expresses the amusement and dissatisfaction I felt with my surroundings – amusement because I felt like I was living out some “food for flatties” cookbook cliche, but watching National win another election as well my seemingly endless ability to stagnate bought about an extreme sense of apathy” (Emily Littler)


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