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Jesus on Psychedelia – JESUS ON HEROINE: Ardhanarishvara (2017)

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Viajes tántricos y mantras psicodélicos para el segundo álbum de esta banda danesa de nombre provocativo y llamativo. Lo cierto es que abusan algo de ciertos patrones sonoros, pero aún así, el disco contiene cortes más que interesantes…

“Ardhanarishvara” is the third piece from Jesus on Heroine, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based band evolving around dream psychedelia and drone-based shoegaze. With each release JOH makes a shift in the project’s aesthetic equilibrium. A different atmosphere forcing a movement in the narrative – not beyond what have already been created – but searching for the new in the old.
The melodramatic slow-paced atmosphere and the analogue sound of the previous album is now abandoned to strive for a scene that feels as human as it is synthetic. A quiet future being evoked when the acoustic surfaces brush the electronic reflections with an understated sincerity.
The hypnotically, but bright and psychedelically-steeped “Ardhanarishvara” is the moment one meets the text and context potential and it is impossible for the interpreter to distinguish between what is hers and what is the authors. It’s the unthought thought in her thinking. Follow Jesus On Heroine along the mysterious sonic and mystical path…” (The Big Takeover)


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