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Far Gone – PICTISH TRAIL: Future Echoes (Fire, 2017-18)

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“Johnny Lynch – the spark that ignites Pictish Trail – is something of a sonic hermit who has spent large parts of the past few years tucked away in his caravan on the Hebridean isle of Eigg.
Way back when, he surfed the world of DIY electronic folk-tinged croft pop, ran collectives and labels, then he masterminded a life-affirming album. ‘Future Echoes’ from 2016 was hatched amid disagreements, family deaths, the worry and wonder of new parenthood and the cyclical nature of life – and it was all set to a twinkling pop backdrop – think Prince in an Aran sweater.
One look at the multi-costumed psychedelic pop in the video for ‘After Life’ and the silver lining shines. Sure, he’s rated as officially “untidily intriguing”, but he has the tunes (and the wit and wisdom).
“Pictish Trail has stepped out of the shadows of his past, as a star in his own right, freed from the weight of what went before and buoyed by what lies ahead” (Quietus)

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