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Freakismo – PILL: Aggresive Advertising, Dull Tools, 2017)

PILL continúan ofreciendo una de las propuestas más libres y acaso más atractiva dentro de ese Freak-Pop que goza de numerosos seguidores. Agressive Advertisings es su tercer trabajo.

“PILL makes a triumphant return to Dull Tools to follow up their phenomenal debut LP “Convenience”, released on Mexican Summer in 2016. Now they are giving the world their third collection of songs, Aggressive Advertising, where the quartet returns to the cassette format of their first EP, with seven new tracks that emphasize the band’s position as one of the most original and captivating bands to come out of New York’s post-Vice evicted DIY scene.
As the city quickly becomes a members-only club for the monied, hostile to the artists and culture that attract them, PILL defiantly answer this crisis in declaring “we take strength where order fails.” Like the Upright Citizens Brigade (another one-quarter-female four piece) said before them: “Our only friend is chaos.” In the case of PILL, chaos is the genderless fifth member.
The mood on Aggressive Advertising ranges from abrasive to laid back, if still on guard. Torres’ voice feels natural when both venomous and velvet. On the groovy “Piña Queen”, she imagines herself as a fruit-enforcing matriarch, cooing “She’ll take the banana and the mango and she’ll make you eat it”, which coming for Veronica I take as a promise, not a threat.
Open wide and swallow, because PILL is back with a new dose” (A. Savage)

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Pildorazos: PILL – Fetish Queen (Mexican Summer, Single, 2016)

Pill es una banda de Pop digamos que “avanzado” que mezcla diversos elementos de aquí y de allá. El resultado: canciones como esta Fetish Queen, un tema que, además, anticipa Convenience, el que será próximo disco de la banda.

“Fetish Queen,” the latest single to be revealed from Convenience, is one of its most straightforward tracks, with Jaffe’s frenzied saxophone intertwining with Torres’ vocals about gender politics and female sexuality over an enticing, syncopated dance-punk beat that taken together could be the 21st-century, East Coast answer to X-Ray Spex’ iconic “Oh Bondage! Up Yours” (and speaking once more to the record’s diversity, this is the only time that reference point even enters the picture)” (She Shreds Magazine)

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Eclecticismo: PILL editan su debut para Mexican Summer: “Convenience” (2016)

“Call Pill post-punk, call them No wave; Convenience is more modern-day folk or protest music for the conflicted confinesthat New York City has become. Convenience is the unrestrained sound of four musical conspirators making equal contributions based on concepts of “physicality, catharsis, and psychic release” 

Official Page

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