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Two Tears: Eat people (7″, 2011)

De las cenizas de Red Aunts, Kerry Davis creó Two Tears, un trío de Garaje-Pop residente en NYC. Two Tears es una banda de esas que de vez en cuando interesa encontrarse y que el sello Kind Turkey nos ofrece con cierta frecuencia: rabia iracunda y Pop garajero con guitarras feroces. Para amantes de Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Hives, The Fuzztones… es decir, mezcla de ciertos elementos bluessies, Garaje y el toquecito retro justo para emocionar nuestros oídos. Las tres canciones que componen el disco fueron grabadas en tres ciudades y continentes diferentes: París, Dubai y New York. El artwork corrió a cargo de la propia Kerry, y las cien primeras copias son en vinilo blanco y rosa. Puedes pedir el disco directamente al sello, quienes se encargarán de prepararte una de las limitadas copias en vinilo coloreado. Si eres un poco más cómodo, puedes oír en stream Eat people pinchando en el enlace.

Two Tears – Eat people

The rise and fall of the ’90s band the Red Aunts is almost a Tinseltown cliché. When the Red Aunts first got together, they had an organic, uncontrived charm and lo-fi enthusiasm that made up for the fact that none of them could really play their instruments. If nothing else, they seemed to be in on their own joke. But, as so often happens, once they got coverage in Flipside and attracted the attention of major labels, they became just as serious and pretentious as the groups they used to lampoon. By the time the Red Aunts broke up, they still couldn’t play their instruments, but they’d nonetheless developed outsized rock-star egos, and the joke was now on them. The band’s best musician and songwriter, Kerry Davis, dropped out of sight before moving to New York, where she eventually reinvented herself in the raw, primitive garage-punk combo Two Tears. Their debut CD, Little Tea, is far more tuneful and catchy than anything the Red Aunts ever released, as Davis strums and sings sly, stripped-down anthems like “2nd Worst Girlfriend in the World” and “Up in My Tree.” Two Tears play garage rock, sure, but not in the literal, slavishly derivative style of retro groups like the Hives and the Fuzztones. Instead, Davis’ dark-&-fuzzy rambles are closer in spirit to such art-garage sonic reducers as the Cheater Slicks, the Oblivians, and the Bassholes. (Falling James)

Need a fix of primal garage rock? The Black Cat has you covered on Saturday. Kerry Davis has been bashing out brief blasts of noise since the mid-’90s with her cult-favorite band Red Aunts. Her latest group, Two Tears, keeps the sharp edges and the sneering attitude but manages a more refined sound: There’s less feedback, more reverb. New single “I’m So Outta It,” which chugs and stomps along for just under two minutes, adds a minor gem to her already long list of hits. Openers Eyes of the Killer Robot play only a handful of shows each year, so it’s worth getting to the club early to hear their similarly stripped-down tunes.

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