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Ice Cream Shout: Tattooed tears (Single, 2010)


En nuestro pequeño viaje a tierras niponas que iniciamos ayer con Friends, nos topamos de frente con esta otra banda japonesa, Ice Cream Shout, un combo que factura un Electro-Pop con tintes delicados y que tiene uno de sus temas en descarga gratuita, para que vayáis abriendo boca para su disco grande. El tema en cuestión es Tattooed tears, un tema en el que hacen un homenaje intencionado a Morrisey, tomando fragmentos de sus letras. El resultado final es bastante aprovechable, un bonito tema de corte nostálgico que puedes descargar desde su Bandcamp.

Ice Cream Shout: Tattooed tears (Single, 2010)

“We’ve started playing this song live recently. like marianne it was a group effort to create and also like marianne it is one of my favorite songs. i’ve been wanting you use the song title for a long time to write a dreamy pop song about Morrissey and latino gangsters but as i worked on it i happened to notice a triangle of synchronicity take shape around the Smiths, Cholos, and East of Eden so it ended up being about all three.
Yes i intentionally stole some Smiths lyrics but they are references to those songs and besides, Morrissey stole “(prison name), here we come” from a movie so i can steal it too.
It will probably change a bit by the time it gets released but i like this version and chris and i were talking about how our myspace page was a bit behind and needed some new blood”

MySpace / Descarga gratuita legal-Free legal download

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