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Pioneering – JAZZ DISPENSARY: SOUL DIESEL VOL. 2 (Craft Recordings, 2019)

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Una recopilación indispensable para iniciarse en los caminos del Jazz-Soul de la mano de músicos imprescindibles como Melvin Sparks, Idris Muhammad, Rusty Bryant, Billy ButlerMerl Saunders, Cal TjaderCOOL !!

Track Listing: 
Side One:
1. Billy Butler – The Twang Thang
2. Melvin Sparks – Who’s Gonna Take The Weight [single version]
3. Gene Ammons – Jungle Strut
4. Merl Saunders Quintet – Soul Grooving
Side Two:
1. Rusty Bryant – Cootie Boogaloo
2. Cal Tjader – Mamblues
3. Idris Muhammad – Wander

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Stardust Memories – VV.AA.: LA CONTRA OLA (Bongo Joe Records, 2018)

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Pues como casi siempre, ha tenido que ser una discográfica extranjera quien se encargara de recopilar, organizar y dignificar la música influenciada por el Post-Punk o el Synthwave y que permanece quizás algo olvidada en el caso de muchas de las bandas menos obvias que aparecen en la recopilación, tales como Tres, Esplendor Geométrico, La Fura dels Baus, Lavabos Iturriaga, Diseño Corbusier, Oviformia SCI, Línea Vienesa… Más los más conocidos como Zombies, Derribos Arias o Aviador Dro. Todo un lujo.

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Avocet Revisited – Earth Recordings (Shared Ep, 2017)

‘Avocet Revisited” is a four track EP, commissioned by Earth recordings as a companion piece to Bert Jansch’s 1979 avian-themed masterstroke ‘Avocet’. Again drawing inspiration from the resplendence of birds native to British waters (Bert himself was a keen ornithologist), Earth invited this quartet of artists to each choose a species that particularly speaks to them, and base a track around it. The results have been universally graceful, evocative, and majestic – much like the creatures themselves. 
Drifting low and gliding high, the flight patterns of this gull-like creature are echoed in Edwyn Collins and Carwyn Ellis’s paean to the bird that spends most of its life airborne. Part waltz, part lullaby, ‘Fulmar’ is exquisite in its simplicity, with Carwyn’s elegant arrangements providing the perfect foil for Edwyn’s unmistakeable intonation.
The opening of Modern Studies’ track – the call of the Curlew itself – is as recognisable as the looping feathered frame of its namesake. Perfectly showcasing the handsome orchestral arrangements that have become the group’s signature style, there is a lightness of touch here that evokes Virginia Astley’s ‘From Gardens Where We Feel Secure’.
Another Scottish resident, both artist and avian. Unmistakably Alasdair Roberts, ‘Goosander’ is at once refined and somewhat feral; Alasdair’s picking supplemented by sighing organ drones and spartan electric guitar. 
Golden Plover
Playing us out, Trembling Bells’ contribution has a Harvest feel – the last days of summer invoked by the warm refrain and gentle orchestration found on ‘Golden Plover’. In another lifetime, this song – infused with the sounds of yesteryear – could very easily have made it onto the Wicker Man soundtrack… which should tell you all you need to know. A pagan hymn reimagined for the Scarfolk era! The band is joined by Callum Calderwood (violin), Rory Haye (vocals), Andrew Pattie (vocals) and Belle & Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson (12 string guitar)

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Veinte Años no son Nada – Matinée Idols, Celebrating 20 Years of Matinée Recordings (2017)

Matinée Recordings celebra durante este 2017 su vigésimo nacimiento, y para ello ha preparado un recopilatorio bastante vitaminado con material inédito de una buena representación de su extenso catálogo…

‘Danish popstars Champagne Riot kick things off with an absolute smash hit called ‘Ingrid Bergman,’ while English legends The Popguns showcase their signature pristine pop on ‘So Long’ and Swedish favorites The Electric Pop Group deliver a stunning new song—their first in four years—called ‘Postcard.’
Australian band Last Leaves features several former Lucksmiths and are one of three artists making their Matinée debut on this compilation with the truly sensational ‘Something Falls.’ New band Tinsel Heart from Sweden are also fresh to the Matinée stable and make a splash with an exceptional song called ‘Talk,’ while Scottish darlings Strawberry Whiplash deliver the clever new singalong jangler ‘Me, My Selfie and I.’
The third new addition to the Matinée roster is The Royal Landscaping Society from Spain and they mark their auspicious debut with a shimmering atmospheric popsong called ‘Moon.’ Seattle favorites Math and Physics Club represent the American indie scene in fine fashion with the contemplative new track ‘Shadows Longer,’ while English duo The Catenary Wires follow up their recent mini-album with more beautiful harmonies on ‘You Save Me From Myself’ and fellow Englishmen Seabirds contribute another impressive song called ‘Independent Horses.’
Recent Matinée signings The Perfect English Weather are the fourth English band represented on the compilation and they deliver a melodic stunner called ‘Under My Feet,’ while Scotland’s Bubblegum Lemonade continue to shine with the ace new track ‘Set The Boy Free.’ Fellow Scots The Hermit Crabs showcase the noisy two-minute pop nugget ‘Game Plan,’ and Sweden’s Azure Blue conclude the album with a perfect dose of electronic pop called ‘New Moon.’ (Press)

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Labrador Summer Sampler (2017)

Resultado de imagen de labrador greatest hits summer 2017

“We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in the past – and everyone who will support us in the future – with a small gift. We hope the 10 track compilation “Greatest Hits Summer 2017″ will accompany you throughout your summer days and make them even greater. Enjoy!” (Labrador)


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Melodías de Ayer y Hoy – SHINDIG BROADCAST, April 2017

Shindig! Magazine

Jon ‘Mojo’ MillsThomas Patterson hablan menos de lo normal y pinchan mucha y muy buena música de ayer y de hoy…


‘Oh Calcutta’ Nick Perito

‘Life Is Just Beginning’ The Creation

‘Another Cold & Windy Day’ Bee Gees

‘I Can See The Light’ Les Fleur De Lys

‘Satt Att Se’ Dungen

‘A Song For A New Age’ Tim Blake

‘King Of The Dawn’ The Sundowners

‘Morning Joy’ Peter Walker

‘Colorado’ Danny Holien

’You Do Too’ Mortimer

‘Crying To Be Heard’ Chris Harwood

‘Rainy Day In June’ Stoneground

‘It’s Gonna Be High Tonight’ Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co.

‘Heaven Is In Your Mind’ Three Dog Night

‘Rainmaker’ Traffic

‘PF Sloan’ Unicorn

‘Desert Island Woman’ Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers

‘The Ballad Of John & Julie’ Unicorn

‘Jakten Genom Skogen’ Dungen

‘Things That Would Be Helpful To Know Before The Revolution’ Father John Misty

‘1970 In Aspic’ Robyn Hitchcok

‘Hangin’ On’ GospelbeacH

‘Real Love’ BNQT

’Souvenir Shop Rock’ Savoy Motel

‘Look & You Will Find’ John Woolley & Just Born

‘Baby What Do You Want Me To Do’ Sons Of Fred

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Discos de Kirlian está de Aniversario – 5 Años de Kirlian (2016)

Discos de Kirlian celebraba su quinto aniversario publicando este recopilatorio en el que se recogen algunas de sus más de cuarenta referencias editadas en este lustro.

¡ Que cumpláis muchos más !


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Día de Homenaje en la Oficina: Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg (February Records, 2016)

“This extremely ambitious project was conceived of, and brought to fruition by, Jeremy Jensen — leader of the Boise, Idaho, pop group The Very Most — out of his appreciation of Rose’s prolific output.
Rose Melberg is indiepop royalty. As primary songwriter for one of the very first American indiepop bands, Tiger Trap, she played an indispensable part in furthering the indiepop movement in the U.S. She went on to release music both as a solo artist and as a member of the bands Go Sailor, The Softies, Gaze, Brave Irene, Tally Ho!, PUPS, Imaginary Pants and Knife Pleats, with sounds ranging from fragile, wistful folk to giddy, fizzy cuddlecore to sophisticated, almost jazzy, pop. Her music as been released on such labels as K Records, Double Agent, Kingfisher Bluez, Kill Rock Stars, Slumberland Records, Where It’s At Is Where You Are and Lost Sounds Tapes, just to name a few.
Bands and artists from the United States, Scotland, England, Spain, Norway, France, Australia and Dominican Republic have provided tracks for this compilation. Two bands (Boyracer and Transmittens) even came out of retirement just to contribute a track! Their interpretations of Rose’s music run the gamut from pop-punk to epic, symphonic walls of sound” (Press)


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VV.AA.: Una Nueva Dimensión (Ondas del Espacio, 2015)

“Una Nueva Dimensión reúne a 12 bandas de diferentes lugares del país que tiene algo en común: temazos que te transportan a lugares que no habías visitado. La selección de los grupos y sus canciones está basada estrictamente en los gustos musicales de Ondas del Espacio y la posterior secuenciación de los temas fue elegida a conciencia para que la escucha fuera la más adecuada, por eso existe un fluido sonoro que es continuo en todo el disco. Quizás son voces del más allá las que nos han impulsado a elegirlos, no lo sabemos, pero lo que tenemos claro es que cada tema aporta una experiencia sonora única que igual te llena de energía, que te evade o lleva a vivir nuevas experiencias.
El elenco de bandas que aparecen son grupos reconocidos en su corto inicio y posiblemente estamos ante las bandas que están llamadas a colocarse en la cima de la escena independiente nacional menos convencional y más arriesgada. En UND cabe desde el pop psicodélico hasta el garage-rock alternativo o el shoegaze más noise de grupos como The Loud Residents, Hi Corea!, Baywaves, Alppine, La Maniobra de Q, Éter, Telephants, ExNovios, Morales, Sol y Sombra, Monte Terror y Homeless. Posiblemente estamos ante el disco recopila gran parte lo que ha dado de si la escena nacional emergente del último año”

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Acordes Químicos: Homenaje a Stereolab (Fuego Amigo Discos, 2015)

Fuego Amigo Discos acaban de publicar Acordes Químicos, un doble recopilatorio que reúne bandas argentinas, pertenecientes o no al propio sello. Buena parte de la discografía de la banda de Laetitia Sadier se repasa en estos veinticuatro cortes.

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VV.AA.: A Girl and A Gun (Wiaiwya, 2015)

A Girl And A Gun is a celebration of the music of 007, come back every Friday to hear and download new interpretations of your favourites for free.

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Revolution, The Shoegaze Revival (Ear to Ear Records, 2015)

Revolution - The Shoegaze Revival cover art

Que el Shoegaze volvió a resurgir hace unos años es un hecho contrastado. Como también lo es que el género goza de una salud incluso mejor que a finales de los ochenta, cuando iluminados como Ride o My Bloody Valentine descubrieron una nueva manera de distorsionar las guitarras, de tocar el cielo del Dream y de mostrarnos una forma de hacer las cosas que desde luego, aún hoy permanece absolutamente vigente.
El sello Ear to Ear Records se hace eco de ello, y ha producido esta tremenda recopilación donde aparecen algunas de las mejores (aunque no siempre las más conocidas) bandas del panorama.

Cataclysmic times, it’s often said, produces great art. So does diversity. The modern day musical landscape is in a constant state of change with its many scenes recreating themselves into something interestingly new. This equally applies to the shoegaze genre. Beautiful Noise is still being made and it’s sounding from all four corners of the globe. 

2014 was a great year for shoegaze fans, with news surrounding the reformation of bands like Slowdive, Swervedriver, Ride and Medicine. 2015 is primed to be just as interesting and we are kicking it off by presenting the new breed, who are writing the next chapter in shoegaze. In the wake of the reformation of these ‘first wave’ shoegaze bands, we have amalgamated underground artists from all over the world, who are virtually united under one revolutionary flag – that of a shoegaze revival.

“Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival” is an epic, truly international 30-track compilation comprised of outstanding original material. Such bands have set the stage for shoegaze pioneers’ return to today’s scene by upholding their wall of sound and painting it with breathtaking colour. Some of these bands are also ‘first wave’ but have remained underground, while some are newbies – the ‘second wave’ of shoegaze.
Curated by UK label Ear to Ear Records and Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif, this compilation features 30 bands from 16 countries, covering 5 of the 6 inhabited continents. Each was selected purely on the basis of their dynamic sound, without any consideration of geographic preference, label affiliation, popularity ranking or hype. Without even one throwaway or filler track, these are all ‘keepers’.
This is not a shoegaze tribute album to MBV or Slowdive, or even The Beatles. There is simply so much greatness to the new wave of shoegaze that we’re focusing on original tracks, which showcase the immense talent of the featured bands. For some, this album may be the best shoegaze soundtrack they’ll encounter in 2015. At minimum, this will serve as a fantastic introduction to these new sounds and happily tide existing shoegaze fans over for quite some time.

Creation Records co-founder Joe Foster (also noted for producing My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, and Jesus & Mary Chain) is also throwing hissupport behing this initiative, stating “This is a new comp with the best of the world shoegaze/magical psychpoppy’s REBIRTH…. Ear To Ear Records are a new Welsh/Canadian label in the spirit of Creation and 4AD and just as obsessed as that! Why do I refer to rebirth instead of revival? In contrast, a *rebirth* in the same period gave us such bands as The Cramps, Primal Scream and Cocteau Twins – what a range!! And such a huge and wide world of music…this is exactly what is happening again in a new and unexpected way! 30 bands from 16 countries worldwide…an unprecedented spread of hope and art“. 
Members of Swervedriver, Slowdive, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Swallow [4AD Records], Strata Florida [Saint Marie Records] and The Telescopes [Creation Records] have also expressed their support, as well as renowned British producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Lords of Acid). We are hopeful that this compilation will help move this genre beyond being “The Scene That Celebrates Itself” to one that is also celebrated by others…  

FEATURED BANDS:     //orangenoise (Pakistan) / Sounds of Sputnik (Russia) /The Yours (Hong Kong) / Trementina (Chile) / Ummagma (Canada-Ukraine) /Digilite (Indonesia) / Jaguwar (Germany) / Stellarscope (USA) / Spool (Japan) /Wozniak (Scotland) / Ether Feels (Japan) / Hideous Towns (Australia) / Lights That Change (Wales, UK) / Damascus (Indonesia) / Weird. (Italy) / Hermetic Delight (France) / Rev Rev Rev (Italy) / The Evening Primrose (Hong Kong) /Stella Diana (Italy) / Seaside (Indonesia) / Blood Lips (UK) / Magao (Japan) /Clustersun (Italy) / Duelectrum (Brazil) / Intenna (Indonesia) / Robsongs (Brazil) / Slow Motion Picture (USA) / Thud (Hong Kong) / Sharesprings (Indonesia) /Puna (Peru)


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5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation (2015)

5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation cover art

February Records is a micro-label based in New England that releases and promotes independent pop music. February Records is about bringing people together, forging connections and exposing people to great music.
February Records turned 5 in 2014 and, to celebrate, we are releasing a CD compilation featuring 14 bands spanning the length of our catalog. Most of the songs have never been released and are exclusive to this comp. We wanted to make this project special. We think we have.
In addition to the compilation, we’ll produce a limited number of the first physical edition of our zine, “…March, April, & May.” The zine will include interviews with 14 bands plus much more.
The compilation CD is limited to 100 and includes the zine and a digital download of the comp.The zine is also available to purchase separately and the comp is available as a separate digital download.


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VV.AA.: Eat my goal (Nub County Records, 2014)

Ya queda poco para el final del Mundial, estamos a una semana de su resolución, pero los británicos no podían dejar pasar una oportunidad como ésta para homenajear al deporte rey. No en vano son sus creadores…

Nub Music have just released a new alternative football song compilation featuring Attila The Stockbroker (Seagulls Ska), Smiley (ex Joe Strummer) and John Peel faves The Pocket Gods – it’s called eat my goal and is out now distribution via The Orchard.

Nub Country Records

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Snowflakes Christmas Singles – The A-sides (Christmas, 2013)

Snowflakes Christmas Singles

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