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Agnes Blue: All around (Single, 2015)

All around es una canción sencilla que si por algo destaca es por la frecura y espontaneidad con la que está grabada. Agnes Blue son un trío de post adolescentes (su batería tiene apenas catorce años y su guitarrista diecisiete), que tienen preparado un Ep para este mismo año. Para fans de White Stripes, Black Keys

“‘All Around’ was an old song of mine. When preparing to record our second E.P, I saw it in an old song- writing book and thought we should try it out. It is a simple song and it worked straight away with the band. It’s got a great feel to it and it has a bit of surf/rock groove. Our producer James Russell also liked it from the start and he worked hard to get it sounding amazing. We had a blast recording and re- mixing it at Heliport Studios.” Jack Blandford (Lead Guitarist/Vocalist)


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