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Woven Bones: In and out and back again (2010)


Otro de los discos que no queríamos dejar pasar de este año recién concluido sin comentar es el álbum de debut de Woven Bones, un combo de la zona de influencia de Austin que realiza un Rock-Garajero descarnado y que tiene como protagonistas absolutos de todos sus temas a la formación del trío: guitarra, bajo y batería. No hay más excusas sonoras ni ningún tipo de arreglo o floritura en In and out and back again (2010). Sólo Rock´n´Roll y energía desbocada a raudales. Las interpretaciones que Andrew Burr hace de este sonido garajero varían, más o menos, según los temas. A ratos tienen trazos de Iggy & The Stooges (Half sunk into the seats), a ratos sus influencias son más punkarras (Couldn´t help but stare), a veces más Ramonianas (I´ll be running), a veces más jesusandmarychianas (Seven year mirrorIf it feels allright), y otras tienen esa vena bluesy a lo Jon Spencer (Guess you already knew). En cualquier caso, un álbum divertido, ameno de escuchar y que puede ser la banda sonora para el reproductor de tu coche en cualquier viaje. Para cualquier otra finalidad, mejor cambias de disco.

Woven Bones – In and out and back again (2010)

“Vibe’s a tough thing to nail; some got it, some surely don’t. It doesn’t stop a whole mess of bands from aiming to nail down the same vibes, among them the garage-throb in the Velvets/Spacemen 3 vein. Woven Bones work in that sound, as do fellow Austinites the Black Angels; mainstays like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Warlocks have long made the stuff their stock-and-trade. But on their debut LP, In and Out and Back Again, the airtight, breathless Woven Bones set themselves apart from every one of those bands by, well, somehow coming closer to the intangible qualities these groups valued from Spacemen, et al. in the first place.
Bones leader Andrew Burr’s tunes are lean little rumblers, built around the thwack of the drum and the ceaseless thump of Matt Nichols’ bass. They’re so skeletal that 10 seconds of strum at the top of “7 Year Mirror” seems an eternity amidst all the go-go-go. Verses and choruses seem almost interchangeable, though there’s hardly any time to decide which is which. These tunes seem almost too cool for melody, favoring instead a dry, mesmeric peal. You’d be hard-pressed to finger a highlight amidst these 26 svelte minutes, given the record’s compositional tunnelvision, yet the effect’s not samey but, rather, hypnotic.
Burr’s voice sounds built for dirty rock’n’roll–all bratty disaffection somewhere between Iggy circa Fun House and Echo and the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch. He and the Bones have a superior sense of economy– there’s no mistaking that these songs are built from just bass, guitar, and drums. Burr’s not crafting true takeaway moments yet, but the mood In and Out carries seems to linger, and prolonged exposure pulls the dark curtains back a bit to shed a little light on these sneaky almost-hooks. It’s that sullen mood, though, that’s In and Out’s greatest success– it sounds lively, whipsmart, and half-drunk, like the band can’t wait to set up and bum out. True, In and Out would be a better record were the songs a bit better defined, but its brief runtime and distinctly dingy feel go a long way to make up for any compositional shortcomings. This is garage-drone with a distinct whiff of carport about it, and that’s just not a vibe you can convincingly fake” (

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Maker’s Mark Red Wax Sessions

El portal nos obsequia de vez en cuando con algún que otro regalillo como éste que os ofrecemos este lunes. Grabadas el pasado mes de octubre, estas sesiones están realizadas en vivo y grabadas por Geoff Snoff con un montón de artistas interesantes. Os dejo el Tracklist:
Bear Hands
1) Bad Blood
2) Camel Convention
3) Tall Trees
Class Actress
1) All The Saints
1) Burn Bridges
2) Chattahoochee
Fake Problems
1) Soulless
2) Ghost To Coast
Jukebox the Ghost
1) Empire
2) Half Crazy
3) The Stars
4) Schizophrenia
1) I Can Electrik
2) Bella The Butcher
3) Beat The Wild
Surfer Blood
1) Swim
2) Floating Vibes
3) Take It Easy
Woven Bones
1) I’ll Be Runnin’
2) I Wanna Tell Ya (demo version)
On October 21st, 2010, Insound & Maker’s Mark hosted an artist lounge & recording session at Stratosphere Sound in New York City, the likes of which has never been done before. Grammy winning engineer Geoff Sanoff (Nada Surf, Secret Machines, A Camp) took on the insane task of recording eight of indie music’s most talked about new bands in eight hours, and the results are nothing but stellar. It was an unforgettable day filled with amazing performances, delicious Maker’s Mark cocktails for a little liquid inspiration, and the artists walked away with cool gear from iconic clothing line Fred Perry. Below are the exclusive recordings you’ll only find on Enjoy!

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Woven Bones: Live, Insound Sessions (2010)

Y seguimos con regalitos, y con regalitos de Woven Bones. El portal musical Insound nos ofrece gratuitamente otra de sus sesiones de estudio en directo. En esta ocasión la banda elegida es Woven Bones, grupo tejano que factura un interesante Lo-Fi/Punk. El Mp3 que puedes descargar es Wanna tell ya.

Woven Bones – Wanna tell ya (2010)

“When Woven Bones rolled through NYC a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to get them into the studio for an epic session; and since we’re huge fans of their entire catalog we couldn’t wait to see what they came up with for the cameras. Andy, Matt and Carolyn pounded through one of our favorites from their recently released HoZac full length plus two new ones we’d never even heard before. Needless to say we’re pretty thrilled at the way this came out!” (

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Woven Bones: I gotta get (Single, 2010)

El combo tejano Woven Bones acaban de editar disco. Se llama In and Out and Back Again. El single I gotta get (2010) es el regalito que desde The JangleBox os ofrecemos hoy. Un interesante trío que elabora una especie de Lo-Fi/Folk acelerado casi rozando posturas Post-Punk. Una onda parecida a Harlem o Waves.

Woven Bones – I gotta get (Single, 2010)

“The raw exuberance that Woven Bones seethes from its tightly-wound inner coil of turmoil isn’t exactly the stuff daydreams are made of, but as their menacing presence has been culminating over the past couple of years, it’s now clear as daylight that their finest efforts would come together on this, their debut LP. As they’ve effectively dragged the shards of their tattered souls with building ferocity on each of their previous singles and EPs, the evolutional process has honed itself to a fine edge, poised to level any contention and break into the blinding realness of now. They’ve finally harnessed the elusive throb and crash of their intended sonic perfection on their own terms, and this debut album will no doubt convert the middling masses into drooling slaves to their hypnotic heartbeat rhythm. What was only hinted at before is now as pure, raw, and ugly as a newborn jackal, squirming out of the wretched womb and ready to face the world, all the while, sending an evil chill down the spine and reminding you that yes, new music really can be this good” (Todd Killings-Hozac Records)

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