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Peggy Mae – WE. THE PIGS: Ep2 (Discos de Kirlian, 2017)

Segundo Ep de los suecos WE. THE PIGS. Continuación de Ep1 (los cortes están registrados en las mismas sesiones); los chicos insisten en la fórmula (acertada) de fusionar Jangle con Noise y gotitas de Shoegaze en un amenísimo disco de cuatro cortes que hará las delicias de seguidores de los The Pains of Being Pure at Heart primigenios. Deliciosos.

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We.the Pigs: Ep (Discos de Kirlian, 2016)

Una bonita propuesta que mezcla C86, Happy-Pop, Fuzzy es lo que nos ofrece esta banda sueca con voz femenina al frente (qué gran tradición nórdica ésta), que se estrena con este Ep para un sello nacional: Discos de Kirlian. Un buen debut, aunque quizás se nos queda algo corto.

“We. the Pigs, from Sweden, Malmö band commanded by Veronika and Martin that together with Fredrik, Niklas, Johan and Charley have been cooking very slowly during the last years this songs (and others that will go out hereinafter) that now we present.
They go from beginning of this decade working with songs and played in some that another festival in Europe though in last 3 years they have been rather stopped and more dedicated to the recording studio. To begin a fantastic and noise Ep of 4 songs, We. the Pigs made a little songs, forceful with many distortion that characterises evolution group from his beginnings. Already took part in one of our digital compilation in April, 2012 with “Too Young” song that recovers for the vinyl digital edition, together with other 3 songs in demo format. Distortion, noise pop-rocking, nice melodies and Veronika’s sweet voice cannot go out bad songs” (Press)

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