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Copywrite: Philophobia (Video-Single, 2015)

None of this record was recorded in a studio. All of this record was only recorded at our own houses in Austraila, with our shared collection of audio gear and microphones. We started the record when we were 16, and it was completed a year after highschool. The record is extremely personal to us, truly our “high school” record. Occassionaly making us cringe in it’s pure honesty.
“Philophobia” is a taboo but common fear of love. I found it interesting that it was always about the pain after the relationship, as I had always feared about losing myself to the point it would have to hurt. It seemed everyone who fell in love that I knew completely changed; almost accepting less of themselves and abandoning their ambitions, dying off to simply having a love of their life which I knew was so naive at such an age” (Copywrite)


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