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Slushy: Pastime Gardens (Automatic Recordings, 2014)

Slushy realizan un LoFi Pop de texturas playeras y, como ellos mismos dicen: “Fuzzed-out jingles“. Un buen álbum de fácil digestión y asimilación soleada…

“Slushy is singer/guitarist Chris Kramer and guitarist/drummer/singer Brent Zmrhal. The sugar-fried bop-pop duo has songs so seriously catchy that you’ll be singing along with them 20 seconds into the tune. Their sunny melodies and wall-of-sound guitars are best paired with churros and chocolate milk.
The new long player, “Pastime Gardens”, brings to your home turntable the manic energy found in Slushy’s live performances. Recorded direct to a Tascam 388, the two sides feature 14 songs of simple catchy goodness, drown in gooey echo pedals and supported by the one-two punch Zmrhal’s energetic drumming”


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