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Invisible Elephant: Sleepwalking (Two Hands Music, 2014)

Día de autoproducciones y sonidos hechos en casa. El Do It Yourself  como banderín de enganche para realizarse y poder dar rienda suelta a la independencia que te permita no dar cuenta a nadie.
Es el caso de Invisible Elephant, que acaba de publicar su tercer trabajo: Sleepwalking. Atmosférico, cinemático, conceptual, psicodélico, expansivo… el sonido de IE es envolvente y a la vez algo claustrofóbico. Un sonido absolutamente epatante y desde luego no apto para todos los oídos.

It’s been a while since the the last album, longer than i was hoping for. i thought about recording this album but thinking was pretty much all I was getting up to until i got an email last year asking if i would be interested in submitting a song for a compilation.
that turned out to be the spark/motivation/kick up the arse (cheers euan!) i needed because after i recorded that one song i couldn’t stop and the whole thing was done pretty quickly.
the first album (the lights go out) was an unexpected but interesting spooky creative trip, the second (anomie or swimming in a black sea) was the heartbreak album and this one is back the more spontaneous feel of the first. a 40 minute trip around what was happening in my brain around that time.
i did have a concept for the album once i’d inadvertently ended up starting it. i wanted to record something was an album length sleep cycle. around the time of the recording i was having a strange time sleeping. i’d eventually drift off (i think) but i wasn’t sure if i’d gone to sleep or not. i’d hallucinate and see spiders dangling over the bed and ants crawling over me and then wake up, do my normal just-woken-up things and then wake up for real. if not spiders and ants it would be drowning, being dragged under the waves and unable to pull myself up. it wasn’t actually sleepwalking as far as i can remember but it was a strange time and that all filtered through to make the record.
i wanted the record to start with clarity (i’m awake) then slowly drift off into a peaceful sleep before disturbance and nightmare visions in the middle and then wake up again refreshed at the end (two moons).
one area of continuity is the haruki murakami references. people have emailed and mentioned them before and there are two songs in particular which are probably obvious to anyone who is interested by the titles. the other consistent thing is the environmental recording of children playing the same recording has been used in all of the albums.
as may be apparent, i’ve decided to be a bit more open an communicative starting with this album (there are also notes on the individual tracks if you click on them). i don’t want to share too much but i realise from things i like and also from some emails i’ve had that some people are interested in knowing more and that it can add something to the music if there’s a bit of context so although it’s against my nature i’l do my best from here on in.
one final thing i should address is the thanks on the cassette sleeve. i forgot angie without whom none of this would have happened. i know i haven’t exactly changed the world but releasing these records has been important to me and without angie’s initial encouragement and help i never would have done more than the lights go out and no more than about 5 people would have heard my music so a huge thank you and apology
(invisible elephant)

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Invisible Elephant: Anomie or swimming in a black sea (2011)

 Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea Cover Art

Invisible Elephant es el proyecto unipersonal de un multiinstrumentista y talentoso músico del que continuamos sin saber su identidad y cuyo primer disco, The lights go out (2010 ) ya apareció en TJB (Octubre, 2010). En esta ocasión, Invisible Elephant amplía algo su espectro musical, derivando del Post-Rock, Chillwave con tonos Shoegazers inicial (Do you believe) a atmósferas incluso algo más convencionales y cercanas al Folk (Wish), e incluso al Noise (Room 208, Black sound), pero manteniendo siempre sus presupuestos invariables de ambientación y envoltorios reverberados y ciertos aires de experimentación durante todo el disco (Everything, When it´s all over, ). Disco de difícil digestión pero ideal para relajar mentalidades y espíritus. Puedes conseguir una edición especial del disco desde aquí.

Invisible Elephant – Anomie or swimming in a black sea (2011)

“We’re pleased to announce that Two Hands’ first release is Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea, the sophomore album for home-recording artist Invisible Elephant.
Anomie… follows 2010′s The Lights Go Out, originally self-released but soon picked up by Sonic Reverie for a CD release after gaining momentum in the blogging community, with favourable reviews continuing to follow.
Both continuing and expanding on the ability to draw from genres as diverse as the instruments used, Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea takes a more personal journey than that of the other-wordly The Lights Go Out.
In amongst the swirl or reverb, soft but sombre drones and light hearted pop, is a vast array of sounds that effect a continual shift in focus and perspective, recreating through music the sudden disproportionate size, shape and importance everything in the world takes on in the aftermath of heartbreak” (

“Invisible Elephant is the solo project of a UK artist who writes the songs, plays all of the instruments and records the work at home combining found sounds, hazy guitars and spectral vocals. Blending elements of post-rock, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, folk-rock and dream pop he creates an immersive sound that defies simple categorisation. Veering from softly spoken psychedelic folk to ethereal soundscapes to monolithic walls of feedback, it’s difficult to pin the sound down to one genre.
The indefinable nature of Invisible Elephant’s music isn’t really surprising given the huge influence it takes from the literary works of Haruki Murakami as well as the diverse array of subtle musical influences from Elliott Smith, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai to Sparklehorse. This informs the sound which fuses the downbeat sincerity of freak folk with the visceral force of shoegaze and the cinematic euphoria of post-rock. The end result is music which exhibits subtlety, ferocity, discordance, melody and an acute ear for imbuing the familiar with the futuristic” (

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Invisible Elephant: The lights go out (2010)

Con la calma y el relax que da la realización de un proyecto unipersonal, este músico británico, de quien sólo sabemos que se hace llamar Invisible Elephant, ha parido un disco llamado The lights go out (2010), un álbum de Pop diríamos que “sinfónico”. A medias entre el Lo-Fi y el PopPsicodélico, una obra extraña, pausada, calmada y que huye también de estereotipos e incluso etiquetas. Se abre con Communication (Part II), que es un tema entre Post-Rock y Chillwave cuyas atmósferas a veces pueden recordarnos las de los My Bloody Valentine más etéreos. Continúa de forma más relajada, incluso, con You can have it all, canción que incluso podría retrotraernos hasta los primitivos Pink Floyd con un toque de Post-Rock. La atmósfera de relax continúa con Still falling in the net, a la que se le suman las frases de guitarra española. Africanismo es lo que encontramos en Wind-up bird. Time es el tema más convencional del disco, una especie de acercamiento a la Psicodelia desde presupuestos Post-Rock. Nuevos sonidos que nos llegan desde el Reino Unido mezclando todo tipo de sonoridades: Pop-Psicodélico, Lo-Fi, Dream-Pop, Chillwave, Nu-Age… toda una propuesta para experimentar con el nuevo Pop del siglo ventiuno. Puedes encontrar el disco en descarga legal gratuita desde su Bandcamp, o comprarlo en una edición especial numerada y que incluye temas extra pinchando aquí.

Invisible Elephant – The lights go out (2010)

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