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Pow Wow: Tigerlily (Single, 2009)

Continuamos hoy con la vista puesta en el barrio de Brooklyn, de donde son originarios esta banda llamada Pow Wow! formada basicamente por los hermanos Edward y Jeff Nazareno. Su línea musical tiene algo que ver con The Besties, de los que hablábamos ayer, por su falta de complejos a la hora de interpretar sus temas y tocar sus instrumentos y por una gran dosis de frescura y desinhibición. Lo cierto es que sus composiciones están en una línea muy Popera, cercana a veces al C86, The Pastels, The Smiths, The Kinks… Llevan un tiempo autoeditándose singles como el que nos ocupa, que es el último editado, el cual puedes oír y descargar gratuitamente desde su página/blog oficial: Pow Wow, a website of shorts. Gracias por invitarnos a conocer vuestro material !!

“They are new, fresh, and sexy. Their tunes are infectious and subversively charming, whispering romance and promiscuity; love and apathy… often in the same breath. All the while never forgetting to poke fun at the lemons life hands us. The awkward moments. The compromising situations. Conversational songs for the electronic generation. From neon colored disco beats to country tinged twang, the group prides itself in being a chameleon of sorts, drawing from the past 60 years of international pop music, and following a lineage of “march to their own beat type of bands” such as The Kinks, Sparks, The Pastels and The Smiths. From late 2008 to the present, they’ve independently recorded and produced a series of singles in their own studio in Brooklyn, giving them away for free in person and the vast reaches of the internet. They are currently playing shows out of the greater metropolitan area, plan an east coast summer tour, and shopping for a label to release their music, thus fulfilling their dream of having their own vinyl record on shelves across the universe”. (MySpace). Click en la portada/Click on the sleeve.

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