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Luminiscences – TEEN DAZE: Bioluminescence (2019)

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“Striking a balance between the digital and the natural has always been one of the main purposes of Jamison Isaak’s, Teen Daze project. BIOLUMINESCENCE, the producers’ sixth proper full-length, is perhaps his most cohesive example of this. At times cinematic and atmospheric, and at others pulsing and danceable, the album weaves its way through eight deeply emotional, melodic tracks. For every synthesized noise you hear, there is the sound of a rock hitting water; digital synths are paired with the sound of the Pacific Ocean. This album attempts to find a harmony between those two worlds, and with this in mind, Bioluminescence becomes a very fitting title” (Press)

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Saturdays afternoon – TEEN DAZE: Themes for Dying Earth (Flora, 2017)

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El Chillwave hecho casi desde casa y el buenrollismo sonoro encuentran de nuevo acomodo en este ya el séptimo trabajo del canadiense Jamison Isaak, aka. Teen Daze, quien además ha contado con efectivas colaboraciones para su elaboración.

“Following 2015’s Morning World, a just OK effort that found Teen Daze traveling to John Vanderslice‘s San Francisco studio and writing guitar-centric indie pop, the Vancouver-based musician known asJamison returns to his familiar ambient dream pop territory with the much better Themes for Dying Earth. Morning World was a noble attempt to learn the ins and outs of recording in an all-analog studio as opposed to digitally recording everything at home, but it ended up sounding like an experiment. Themes for Dying Earth sounds much more natural; here, Jamison returns to his strengths, but the discipline of his previous experience hasn’t worn off on him. Lush synthesizers and airy vocals are at the forefront of this album, as on most of his releases, but they’re seamlessly intertwined with acoustic instruments and live drums as well as programmed beats. While the general mood is still one of relaxation, the rhythms are far more energetic and detailed than on previous Teen Daze recordings, particularly when the drums ecstatically rush during the end of opening tune “Cycles.” The album feels more natural in the sense of its lyrical themes, as Jamison reflects on his concerns about subjects such as climate change. Nature imagery has always been present in his lyrics, song titles, and album artwork, but here it seems to have more of a purpose. Instead of taking to a soapbox and aggressively making a stance, however, he takes a hopeful, optimistic view. He’s helped out by several guests, including guitarist Dustin Wong, who works his magic on the shimmering, blissful “Cherry Blossoms,” and S. Carey, who calmly croons over the Jon & Vangelis-like new age pop of “First Rain.” Other songs have more of a Balearic groove to them, such as the easygoing yacht pop of “Rising” (with Sound of Ceres) and the slightly trippier “Lost” (with Nadia Hulett). “Water in Heaven” buries crushed, glitchy beats under icy yet shining synths, resulting in one of the album’s most hypnotic pieces — its six minutes seem to pass by in just a few moments. The slowly paced synth waves and soft bass pulsations of “Breath” close out this enjoyable album” (All Music)

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Teen Daze: Céleber (Single, 2016)

El Dance amable y clasicote de Teen Daze produjo este sencillo que apareció en los primeros días de 2016.

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Teen Daze: Paradiso (Ep, 2014)

A vueltas con la madurez de los grupos, en este caso, la música de Teen Daze ha experimentado un cambio sustancial hacia el Ambient de huellas más electrónicas, desde aquel LoFi artesanal hecho con el mimo de quien empieza en su primer Ep: Beach dream (2010).

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Teen Daze: Beach dreams (Ep, 2010)

La sensación que queda tan sólo con escuchar los primeros acordes de Let´s fall asleep together, el primer tema de Beach Dreams, es la de una sensación de paz absoluta, la de la calma que da el Pop manufacturado con mimo. El aire Surf-Pop de la canción entronca de alguna manera con la música de Best Coast o con el espíritu juvenil de Wavves. Su tono Lo-Fi es sumamente adecuado para lo que un disco de estas características requiere: esmero en la composición y extremo cuidado en la ejecución de los temas, aunque su grabación es casi básica. Cuatro canciones que se van en un suspiro, en lo que dura escribir este breve comentario.

Teen Daze – Beach Dreams (Ep, 2010)

“A cool ocean spray, the warm dry sand beneath your feet, the hot burning summer sun—Teen Daze capture that all in charismatically low fidelity bedroom and garage fashion on Beach Dreams. Despite the recent overabundance of all things “teen” and “beach” related in popular and indie music, this small batch of songs is able to capture the innocent spirit of youth and summertime without falling to a single cliche” (

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Heart Music Group: …a colaboration by Baths, Teen Daze, Light Pollution, Blackbird Blackbird, Gobble Gobble, Kites Sail High

El post mañanero de este lunes del tórrido agosto está dedicado a una compilación editada por el colectivo Heart Music Group. En él incluyen a algunas de las bandas relacionadas con el colectivo, ya que han celebrado una fiesta en la que participan todas estas bandas. Para promocionar el acto, y utilizando la promoción de la plataforma Bandcamp, han editado este Mixtape de descarga gratuita legal en los que todas los grupos aportan un tema inédito. No está mal la iniciativa, eh? A ver si aquí toman ejemplo otras promotoras o discográficas… Lógicamente electrónica, chillwave, glo-fi, dance, soul, sample-heavy, son las notas predominantes del Mixtape. Las bandas que han colaborado son Baths, Teen Daze, Blackbird Blacbird, Light Pollution, Gobble Gobble y Kites Sails High.

Heart Music Group presents …a collaboration by

“On Tuesday, August 17th we will be hosting a crazy warehouse party in Downtown Los Angeles with some of our favorite up-and-coming artist around including Baths, Teen Daze, Light Pollution, Gobble Gobble, Blackbird Blackbird and Kites Sail High. In an effort to help promote the show, we have curated a free EP of all unreleased tracks by each of the artist playing and the press has already been awesome: StereogumRCRD LBLYours TrulySmoke Don’t Smoke and we are happy to announce that both Baths’ “Nordic Laurel” and Teen Daze’s “June 2010″ have made it in Hype Machines top 100 most popular songs right now. Enjoy!” (

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