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Crying: Get olde (2013)

Get Olde cover art

Basándose en el sonido 8-Bit (no en vano uno de sus componentes es programador de GameBoy), y añadiéndole elementos del Indie de guitarras, Crying (curioso nombre), se presentan como una alternativa fresca y prometedora.
Sonidos eclécticos y energizantes.

Born out of the vibrant SUNY Purchase music scene, Crying is the collaborative music project of guitarist and gameboy programmer Ryan Galloway, singer Elaiza Santos and drummer Nick Corbo. Their debut EP delivers seven high energy hits hewn from a wacky world of snacks and fun. Crying takes a different approach to 8-bit, incorporating elements of lofi indie rock and some classic vibes reminiscent of bands like Rush and Queen. Galloway’s got some ripping leads and Corbo keepz it tight while Santos keeps it real. Catch ‘em at yr hometown bodega” (

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