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Lunch: Dissapear (Single, 2011)

Disappear (Feat. DOM) Cover Art

El último single de Lunch es este Dissapear, un tema que contiene todos los elementos que pueden sublimar a cualquier buen aficionado al Pop más delicioso para degustar por un buen gourmet. Los ecos de The La´s y de Teenage Fanclub son excusa más que suficiente para echarle un oído a este precioso single, que está incluido en su primer Ep, editado por Mightier Than Sword Records.

Lunch – Dissapear (Single, 2011)

“Lunch recorded their first song somewhere in the midst of a bender in January 2011. Ben, Bill, and Rob did their best to wake Danny up of the floor of a friend’s bathroom to record his guitar parts, which he still does not remember. The band heard their song a few days later, and decided to keep the bender goin and the songs comin. They called in a few favors, banged out a few songs in their rudimentary practice space, and prepared their first EP. Cheap food, cheap beer, Lunch lives the pool life, and want nothing more than to compose the perfect soundtrack to their non stop party. “Chugga-chugga CHOO CHOO” hop aboard, hope you’re hungry!!! (Facebook)

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Lunch: Turn around (Single, 2011)

Con un nombre como éste, y si no tienes una campaña de marketing acompañándote, evidentemente, pocas noticias se pueden conseguir de este grupo. Sabemos que son de Worcester y que tienen un Bandcamp en el que comparten con todo el mundo este tema delicioso titulado Turn around. Una gema de Jangle-Pop con aires noventeros y que nos recuerda mucho al tipo de sonidos que hemos escuchado últimamente de la mano de gentes como Yuck o The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Si nos dijeran que Turn around lo firma cualquiera de estas bandas, lo creeríamos a la primera. ¡¡Más temas,por favor!!

Lunch – Turn around (Single, 2011)

“There are a few Massholes on staff at QRO, so it didn’t take much coaxing (none, actually) to post this track “Turn Around” from Worcester locals Lunch. A virtually ungoogleable name, so we don’t have many details. But the track speaks for itself: a sort of spangly-jangly Gin Blossoms single with some pop-gaze undertones. A few more of these bands and Worcester can throw its own indie rock festival with strong local support from Dom and Golden Girls. Wouldn’t mind seeing Lunch open for Yuck either – visualize the marquee as “YUCK // Lunch.” Hit ‘em up on the Twitter and Bandcamp for news and free muuuuzak!” (

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