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Gwenno: Y Dydd Olaf (Post/Pop Records2015)

Y Dydd Olaf cover art

Una suerte de sonido Retro-Futurista, mezcla de Dream-Pop, Kraut y el Pop vanguardista de Stereolab. El sonido de Gwenno (ex The Pipettes) es una bonita amalgama de esas diversas influencias que dan como resultado un disco notable que fluye con gran naturalidad. Grabado para el pequeño sello londinense Post/Pop Records. Toda una delicia.

“In a period of governmental and cultural revolution, former Pipettes front-woman, GWENNO, releases a political concept album inspired by an obscure 1970s Welsh language sci-fi novel, subtly disguised as a blissful kraut-pop record.
Taking its cue, and title, from Owain Owain’s 1976 novel about a dystopian future where the robots have taken over and are busily turning the human race into clones through the use of medication, Y DYDD OLAF blends big themes (including patriarchal society, government-funded media propaganda, cultural control, technology, isolation and the importance of, and threat to minority languages), great tunes, and a real sense of revolution to produce a powerful, politically-charged concept album.
Y DYDD OLAF is a political, feminist, brilliantly executed record; and although this particular revolution might not be televised, it certainly will have a great soundtrack”

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