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Under Electric Light: Waiting for the rain to fall (Single, 2010)


Under Electric Light es el proyecto de Danny Provencher, un chico canadiense que comenzó tocando el bajo y haciendo música electrónica. Afortunadamente para él y desgraciadamente para la electrónica, porque perdieron un gran talento, Danny se ha dedicado a realizar una suerte de Fuzz-Pop con raíces Shoegaze. En Septiembre ha editado este Waiting for the rain to fall, un pedazo de single que tiene reminiscencias tanto de los Jesus and Mary Chain más melódicos como de Ride, pero que, en cualquier caso, es un temazo, con una melodía impecable y unas guitarras que están grabadas con un cariño exquisito y que suenan como un tiro. El tema es el adelanto del que será su primer disco grande, a editar en breve. Os ofrezco el enlace a su Bandcamp donde tan sólo podréis oírlo online y comprarlo, ya que Danny así nos lo ha ofrecido. En cualquier caso, el precio es de auténtica risa. 

Under Electric Light – Waiting for the rain to fall (Single, 2010)

“Danny Provencher is one of those DIY musicians that really should be heard more. Unfortunately, he lives in a town where great bands pop up every day and finding your stride is not an easy process. He performs as Under Electric Light, and you can easily settle into his 80/90’s inspired fuzz. I could start naming bands – New Order would be my first jump off point or maybe Ride – but I’d rather just talk about the blissful melancholy his songs create. Countless acts try to put together the simple notes in beautiful combinations, but very few succeed. His latest EP – After the Blue – is a mere four songs, but the lush compositions will warm the heart of anyone who ever felt depressed and searched for something they could relate to. This Moment starts with bouncy bass line and machine gun drums, but the meat of the song is the nice guitar noodle and textures that wash over you like a wave. Once you settle into the array of sounds, you start to focus on his voice and he’s able to make you feel like he’s singing directly to you. He’s able to toe the line between aping the greats and finding his own niche. He samples from the catalogs of the artists that shaped modern shoegaze, but his arrangements are a bit more modern, a bit more upbeat.The fuzz is still present, but instead of a smoky club filled with people in black with bad hair his fresher electronics help you hear traces of bands like the Notwists as Provencher’s voice wavers flutters between the UK and Scandinavian counties” (pressreview)

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