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Universo MySpace: The Smith Bros.

Si algo tenemos claro en The JangleBox es nuestro total enamoramiento por la música de melodías. Si a ello le añadimos que sea grupo o solista de guitarras y que además realicen una suerte de Pop o Power-Pop… pues nuestro placer es absolutamente total. Bueno, pues casi todo ésto es lo que encontramos en la música de The Smith Bros., grupo de Columbus, Ohio, que gentilmente nos pasó su dirección de MySpace y que, como no podría ser de otra manera, encuentran aquí un hueco para su música. Banda que muestra evidentes influencias por gentes como Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, Badfinger, Posies, Costello, Fountains of Wayne, Beatles… pero que para nada lo ocultan ni disimulan, antes bien hacen buena gala de ello para elaborar un Pop contundente, de guitarras no demasiado sucias, melodías impecables y composiciones rotundas. Para comprobarlo sólo hace falta echar un oído a temas como She´s under my skin, The time machine, Restless o Lost. Evidentemente no se trata de una apuesta arriesgada, pero para qué hacerlo cuando con lo tradicional nos basta y nos sobra. The Smith Bros. han grabado dos álbumes: Lost y Restless, y para esta primavera está prevista la aparición de su tercer larga duración.
“Smith Bros is a power pop quartet that formed under the bond that Pat Dollenmayer and Mike Clark had over the love of A.M. pop radio. Hearing anything from The Hollies to The Raspberries on A.M. radio fueled a love for power pop and hook laden songs that drove Mike and Pat to form a band to play in that style. Smith Bros is now influenced by many power pop bands that are out today as well as the power pop groups that played in the 70’s and 80’s. Mike plays bass and sings, Pat plays guitar and sings, and they are rounded out with Kris Phillips on drums. The Smith Bros. are often joined by Eric Fritsch on the guitar. They write original music that is compared to anything that is Brit Rock to Teenage Fanclub and Fountains of Wayne. The Smith Bros. have released two independent albums titled “Lost” and “Restless”. Restless was released in October 2008!” (
“It may be Election Day in the USA, but forget Obama & McCain for a minute and cast your vote for The Smith Bros., who hail from the swing state of Ohio. Their new full-length Restless will take your ears in a landslide, without a hanging chad in sight. Now that I’ve dispensed with the electoral metaphors (had I done this another day, I would have gone the cough drop route), let me just say that this disc looks likely to be up there when the year-end list gets compiled.
Their sound is very reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub, with some Posies and a bit of Gin Blossoms/Tom Petty/heartland rock thrown in. If you don’t hear the TF influence in the opening track, I’d tell you “How Wrong You Are”, while the rocking “Down to You” brings to mind The Wallflowers and Minibar. “She’s Under My Skin” has kind of a “Heartland Beatles” sound, and “Talk of the Town” betrays some Elvis C influence. Meanwhile, the straight-up power pop of “Every Day Gets Better” gets better with each listen, and “You Did It All” is another winner in the TF mold. Elsewhere, “Moments” is a more rocking Rembrandts-style track, and the midtempo “My Great Regret” has just the right mix of melancholy and melody to capture the song’s mood. An outstanding disc from end to end, and fans of hyper-melodic pop will not be disappointed”
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