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The Auras: Saturn Day (2015)

El último artefacto sonoro de los canadienses The Auras se llama Saturn Day. Ya sabéis: Visiones psicodélicas, ritmos cadenciosos y un aire absolutamente cool. Para seguidores de las huestes de Anton Newcombe: ¡Somos muchos!

“The ideal setting to listen to The Auras’ Saturn Day is while drifting naked through space, taking slow drags from some kind of magical vacuum-resistant pipe with not a care in the world but the wall of sound consuming the body’s every cell. But if outer space is not an option, or if nudity weirds you out, lying in a hazy and dark basement with closed eyes will suffice.
Yes, this Toronto six-piece is back with seven out-of-this-world psychedelic shoegaze songs.Their last EP, a partial collaboration with fellow Torontonian Tess Parks, gave us a quick glimpse of their atmospheric and songwriting capabilities, and their older EPs are a real trip too. So while this isn’t their first impressive feat, it’s certainly their most developed.
“I Just Wanna Show You (How I Feel)” kicks off the EP with swirling vocals, ambient guitar, dreamy keys, and smooth harmonies, all presented through the filter of tasteful effects pedals. It’s times like these that their sound can be reminiscent of Spiritualized circa Ladies And Gentlemen We’re Floating In Space.
“I Get High”, the second track on the album, is a cleanse – a rock song which spews negative energy out into the void and replaces it with enough endorphins and THC to send you high above such Earthly troubles, singing: “I get high, I get high / oh baby, you can see me fly”. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, check it out here; It’s jam-packed with smokes, beer, women, and ratty socks.

Then there’s “Drip”, the eerie song of the record. The track begins with an unsettling sample from what seems to be an old movie or TV show, followed by a stalking, murder mystery-esque bassline. The line: “She’s my girl and I’ll be with her forever”, is anything but endearing given the context of the music. The sampling, experimentation, and gritty, cold vocals makes “Drip” sound like it could be a distant cousin of a Dirty Beaches song. The EP finishes with a remix of “Drip” by The Vacant Lots, which is satisfyingly different enough from the original to make it better categorized as an epilogue than bonus track.
These songs are well produced, but not overproduced. What is heard on the record is safe to assume heard at a show; and sometimes, like at the end of “Nine Headed Snake” a throat is cleared and the faintest remnants of background chatter are picked up, allowing us to pretend we’re right there in the studio, high fives sure to ensue after that kick-ass take.
So release yourself from the prison of time and the chains of gravity and take a trip with The Auras, where every day is Saturn Day” (Indepent Music News)

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Tess Park & The Auras: I believe in everything (2015)

Un descubrimiento para quienes, como quien escribe, adora el sonido de The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Tess Parks acompañada en este caso del combo canadiense The Auras, todos unos creadores de mantras sonoros de esos que hacen que ames el Shoegaze tanto como a ti mismo. Más que recomendables.

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