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So Sexual: This is where the story ends (Single, Bleeding Gold Records, 2013)

This Is Where The Story Ends/Santa Carla cover art

Otra banda que rastrea su inspiración en los sonidos Post-Punk. Se trata de los liverpoolianos So Sexual, un grupo que cita entre sus influencias a The Cure, White Lies, Interpol, Artery… Sonidos ya clásicos pero que continúan teniendo su encanto. En los últimos tiempos, de hecho ha vuelto una nueva ola de grupos (especialmente venidos desde la Federación Rusa) anclados a estos sonidos influenciados por gentes como New Order o Joy Division.
Prometen nuevo Ep (que de hecho ya hemos oído) para el próximo 30 de septiembre. Como se trata de un streaming privado, en cuanto que aparezca el disco, lo publicaré en The JangleBox.

Formed over a few beers in a pub in Liverpool, England, So Sexual is an escape from the mundane trappings of everyday life. Caught somewhere between the naive optimism of a not too distant past and the turning wheel of the constant present, here is a sound reminiscent of lost youth striving for a sense of affirmation. The band have spent the last 12 months creating a distinct, contemporary sound that is unmistakably their own yet bears proudly the echo of their influences. A healthy work ethic saw So Sexual self-release 2 demos and notch up a considerable number of performances in their first year together. Carrying forth and building momentum into 2013, So Sexual are extremely pleased and excited to announce the first digital single “This Is Where The Story Ends” b/w ‘Santa Carla” available from Bleeding Gold Records on 18th March, 2013” (Bleeding Gold)

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