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Mountain Doom: Nothing else to do (Single, 2010)


Mountain Doom es un trío de Massachusetts que se definen a sí mismos como “Surf Drone to the bone”. No les falta razón: Pop elaborado, alargando sus temas más de lo normal, cierta suficiencia instrumental hacen de este trío un producto recomendable que, sin embargo, tan sólo tienen dos temas editados: este Nothing else to do y Tidal wave, que aunque comparte el nombre, no tiene nada que ver con el tema de The Apples in Stereo. Mountain Doom son el próximo grupo que puede satisfacer tus exigentes oídos de Pop sofisticado.

Mountain Doom – Nothing else to do (Single, 2010)

“I never liked rollercoasters. They were always too intense, as if the slow climb of life wasn’t quite enough for some people. But I’ll admit that nothing quite comes close to the moment when you reach the summit of the track, feeling the air and the quiet settle before the enormous heave of a machine pulling you downwards, wind sailing your hair. This gem from Mountain Doom starts with a rush, punctured by lackadaisical singing, musing on the favourite subject of slackers – boredom and how to escape it through dreams and wandering. Half-way through the song shows its legs with a sprawling instrumental section, a slow-climb of its own, one that never quite gets back to the top” (

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