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Jonny Rumble: JR (2010)


Jonny Rumble es una agrupación de Chicago especializada en facturar sonidos más o menos tradicionales a lo que desde hace un tiempo conocemos como Americana. Música intensa de raíces, realizada con instrumentos tradicionales y típicos del Rock, producción austera y desde luego, honestidad (Cox road, BRZRKR, To foolishness). Pero también son capaces de reescribirse con otros ritmos (Courtney´s basement, Opporunities) e incluso acercarse al Psico-Pop (Victim of the time, Stumped). Variedad de ritmos, intensidad lírica,  buena interpretación… elementos válidos todos ellos para hacer de Jonny Rumble una banda interesante, que no va a cambiar el mundo ni el concepto de la música tradicional norteamericana, pero que seguro que pueden alegrar los reproductores de muchos oyentes/lectores. Puedes descargar su álbum de forma legal desde la plataforma que los distribuye, pinchando aquí, y además, puedes colaborar con la banda comprando su álbum en vinilo desde aquí.

Jonny Rumble – JR (2010)

“Over the past few years Chicago-based four piece Jonny Rumble have established themselves as a genuinely rocking, talented band that’s always worth a listen, and their new LP, JR, just might be their strongest to date. The album follows up their 2008 full-length, Almost Dead, and includes a more diverse, accessible set of songs that reflect growth in both songwriting and performance.
Part of JR’s appeal is that its musical style is nearly impossible to categorize, yet the record plays out with a cohesive sound and vision. The band serve up everything from punky power pop (“Courtney’s Basement”) to trippy, mellow psych pop (“Stumped”) to gentle, acoustic alt-country (“Toe the Line”), but there is a focused energy and vibe throughout that keeps the collection from sounding disjointed. That said, the more upbeat, pop-oriented tracks such as the jangly “Handgun Blues” and the aforementioned “Courtney’s Basement” grabbed my attention the fastest and just might be the band’s strongest suit.
Lyrically, much of the material seems to deal with the unrest and frustrations of modern life from the underdog’s point of view. “While people slowly get ahead of you/They’re filling up their pockets, you’re only burning fuel,” reflects vocalist and guitarist Brian Webb in rocker “Opportunities,” for example. In the driving, aggressive “BRZRKR,” biting observations of “all the kiddies on the street in their tight-fit clothes” who would “all be better off dead” drive the discontentment home. And if anything can be inferred from long
list of misfortunes that have struck the band over the past few years – including a string of destructive hurricanes that forced them to relocate, unjust jail time, a stolen van, lost teeth and other bloody injuries – the record’s sentiments are well-founded.
By their very nature Jonny Rumble are one of those greatly relatable bands that any true fan of rock and roll would find it tough not to root for, and as JR proves, they are more than worthy of being championed”

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