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Past & Now – MATH & PHYSICS CLUB: Lived here before (Matineé Recordings, 2018)

Lived Here Before

El cuarto trabajo de MATH & PHYSICS CLUB representa una continuidad con sus tres trabajos anteriores: un homenaje al mejor Pop de toda la vida. Aquél que se realiza sin estridencias, tan sólo a base de buenas canciones, unas gotitas de Jangle, otras de C86 y el buen gusto necesario para conseguir una vez más un álbum que si bien no juega en las grandes ligas o no llega a cotas sobresalientes, sí que mantiene un magnífico tono de notable más que alto para satisfacer a amantes del Pop con mayúsculas.

“Upon the release of 2018’s Lived Here Before, it’s been five years since the last Math and Physics Club album, but all the hallmarks of their sound remain intact. The required amount of guitar jangle, sweet indie pop melody, tender and true lyrics, and Charles Bert‘s wistfully sincere singing are all on display, and the band delivers a few songs that stand with its best work. The gently rumbling “Threadbare,” the warm-hearted “Broadcasting Waves,” and the insistent “All the Mains Are Down” are all first-rate examples of the best kind of indie pop, when the music, words, and voices work together to wrap the listener in the audio equivalent of a long, strong hug. The record is more than just a few great songs, though. Like on their last album, Our Hearts Beat Out Loud, the band continues to expand its sound, becoming more muscular than ever and stretching the songwriting a bit. Tracks like the circular “The Pull of the Tides” and the almost C&W “Take a Number” wouldn’t have appeared on an early MAPC album, and Lived Here Before is enriched by their presence. The rest of the record has a fuller, more dynamic sound than the previous album too, and when the songs rock, like on “Past and in Between,” they have some real punch. The ballads like “Dear Madeline” also have a real echoing beauty that the band has previously hinted at but can fully realize now. Credit the production by indie rock veteran Chris Hanzsek for the improved sound, the band for the expansive arrangements, andBert for coming up with MAPC‘s strongest set of songs to date. Put it all together and it’s the best record the band has done and some really fine indie pop that shows the long-running style has some life left in it yet” (All Music)

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Maths and Physics Club publican un recopilatorio de material inédito: In this together (Matinée Recordings, 2016)

El Pop desenfadado y deshinbido de Maths and Physics Club tenía mucho material por ofrecer que se fue quedando por el camino, en forma de caras B o material sencillamente nunca editado. Matinée ha reparado en ello y acaba de publicar este In this together, un bonito recopilatorio de dieciséis de estas canciones.


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Math and Physics Club: Our hearts beat out loud (Matinée Recordings, 2013)

Math and Physics Club - Our Hearts Beat Out Loud sampler‘Our Hearts Beat Out Loud’ is the third studio album from our favorite North American pop stars Math and Physics Club, and their first since 2010’s sparkling ‘I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do’ LP.
The new ten song collection is the band’s most dynamic to date, confidently expanding their palette of subtle, literate pop and sprinkling it with hints of country, dub, distortion, and Graceland.
Ethan Jones, the band’s bass player and resident multi-instrumentalist, co-produced the album with Bob Schwenkler at Olympia’s fabled Dub Narcotic Studio. Their goal was to make an old fashioned album with two sides, taking advantage of the studio’s vintage analog equipment to get away from the sound of digital perfection and instead sound like a band playing together in a room.
With Charles already living in Olympia, and James and Ethan having deep connections there as well, Dub Narcotic was a natural fit, not to mention being ground zero for the legendary K Records. It was a perfect atmosphere for the band to relax and capture some of the feel of their early EPs.
The first single, ‘Long Drag,’ is surprisingly groovy with its schoolyard beat and staccato handclaps. The song was originally recorded as a straight-ahead rocker, but after playing a cut-up dub version for some friends the band decided to keep it.
More surprises follow with ‘We’re Not Lost,’ a brooding anthem to teenage heartache with its angular guitars and snap-tight drumming. Meanwhile, ‘My Crooked Arms’ strips away the drums and bass to reveal an emotional core of raw lyrics and guitars, accented beautifully by cello.
For you vinyl aficionados, side two opens with ‘We Didn’t Run From Anyone,’ a country-leaning ballad about love on the rocks (what else?), with Ethan’s gentle fingerpicking and breezy organ setting the scene.
The album closes with a dramatic one-two punch. ‘That’s What Love Is’ is a classic jangly rocker that’s sure to please the most ardent anoraks with its shades of Brighter, while the album’s final surprise, ‘Road Carry Me Home,’ is a lovely piano and cello driven heartbreaker” (Press)

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Math and Physics Club: Long drag (Matinée Recordings, Single, 2013)

Long Drag 7"

Nuevo material sonoro de Math and Physics Club. Los de Seattle vuelven a la carga con un sencillo de adelanto al que será su nuevo disco: Our Hearts Beat Out Loud, a publicar este mismo mes de Julio en uno de nuestros sellos favoritos: Matinée Recordings. Su Folk-Pop lleno de encanto y de guiños está de nuevo a punto para emocionarnos con este Long drag.

Seattle indie darlings Math and Physics Club come out swinging with their latest single and first release in three years. ‘Long Drag’ is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming ‘Our Hearts Beat Out Loud’ LP, and this time they’re playing against type with a raw, groovy stomp that sets moody lyrics against a sassy, schoolyard beat. The exclusive b-side ‘Across the Paper’ takes a more soft shoe approach, with ukulele, mandolin, and warm harmonies providing the backdrop for broken hearts. Recorded by Bob Schwenkler at Olympia’s fabled Dub Narcotic Studio, the single heralds a definitive return for our favorite American band. Pressed on coke bottle green vinyl and limited to 500 hand-numbered copies in a super hip sleeve designed by artist Tae Won Yu” (Matinée Recordings)


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