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The Hamalays: Overkill (February Records, 2013)

Overkill cover art

The Hamalays son uno de esos dúos que de vez en cuando nos alegran el oído. Su música es una suerte de Electropop que juega con las nubes. Música feliz, absolutamente arrebatadora y a veces juguetona.  Un sonido absolutamente etéreo y envolvente. Una espiral de felicidad reflejada en disco. Recomendado.

… if I had to put my money on any Chicago band to succeed in the traditional sense of mainstream success, believe it or not, it’d be [The Halamays]. They deserve credit for crafting catchy pop songs that are, with the right promotion, radio ready and, most important, worthy. — Loud Loop Press

… pretty pop music that hooks you in and won’t let go until the last song …. I’ve actually tried to review this EP twice now, but have failed because I just want to squeal ‘It’s so effin awesome!’ and that’s it. — One Kind Radio

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