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The Morning Clouds: Wasted youth blues (Ep, 2011)

Un Ep para este domingo. El debut de The Morning Clouds, que es, en realidad, el proyecto de Josh Wambeke, alma mater y artífice de la banda, quien, junto a amiguetes, se curró un Ep que en realidad es algo así como un homenaje a la música blanca de adolescentes de finales de los cincuenta, con esos coros doo-woop y falditas de tablillas. Un homenaje en absoluto oculto, acaso por esa nube de capas de distorsión que aparecen en temas como Untitled, The wrong things o Ends.
Un disco de tintes más bien melancólicos donde destaca sobre todas Wasted youth blues, la titular del Ep. Un tema que cualquier buen aficionado identificaría desde el comienzo con el Just like honey de los hermanos Reid.
Quizás tanto homenaje y filiación tan clara haga que este Wasted youth blues (2011) no destaque como uno de los discos más interesantes del género dentro del presente curso.

The Morning Clouds – Wasted youth blues (Ep, 2011)

“Hovering about all pretty and clean is Wasted Youth Blues, the brainchild of Josh Wambeke, frontman of The Morning Clouds. The EP was written, performed, and recorded by Wambeke, who then threw together four other musicians to take his songs on the road. Wasted Youth Blues poises itself as an elegant, intimate listen, borrowing heavily from the roomy ambiance of Grizzly Bear and the throwback surf of Girls. Wambeke distends his guitar and embellishes his voice both with loads of reverb (oddly enough the drums are recorded quite dry), and liberally weaves in organ to add a classy texture into the mix. Melodically, though, rather than harness the wispy abstractions of Grizzly Bear, Wambeke opts for classic ’50s progressions. It’s not chillwave, though; there’s no blurry wash over the music, rather, he leaves the music fairly cold and raw, which plays to the band’s advantage.
Because of the contrast Wambeke presents (reverb turned up against a stark background) and the reciting of soft, rounded melodies, there’s a lot to like on this EP. There’s also a sense of Wambeke wearing the skin of too many people. There’s clearly some shoegaze in Wambeke, not only in his bio, but in his work–and there he goes taking the drum beat from The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” verbatim. Not that that particular drum beat hasn’t been used ten thousand times, but given the context of, aping The Jesus and Mary Chain only lends yourself to scrutiny. And then there’s the ’50s pop, surf rock thing, which is totally en vogue right now, a flag being carried prominently by Girls. Throw in catching a piece of the Grizzly Bear reverb market, and you get something feeling very derivative.
In a vacuum, “Wasted Youth Blues”‘ enunciated jangle or the shimmying rhythm of “The Wrong Things” is engaging pop music. Upon first listen, the EP is pleasant and warm, though never remarkable. It’s the repeated listens, though, where Wasted Youth Blues starts cracking and revealing too many of its influences. There have certainly been higher crimes against music–not being able to write a decent pop song among them–and The Morning Clouds do have an understanding of well-placed pop, but it’s other people’s visions of great pop music they’re carrying out, not their own” (

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The Morning Clouds: Eat your skull pt. II (7″, 2011)

Eat your skull pt. II Cover Art

Un sencillo de sólo dos canciones de The Morning Clouds que poco tiene que ver con su Ep que postearemos a continuación, y que nos muestra a una banda mucho más enfrascada y obsesionada por los sonidos Shoegazers, repetitivos y con huellas Garajeras. Muy interesante.

The Morning Clouds – Eat your skull pt.II (7″, 2011)

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