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Funeral Home: Funeral home (Ep, 2012)

Funeral Home EP Cover Art

Funeral Home no son desconocidos para los lectores Janglies. En Septiembre del año pasado ya aparecieron por TJB con un 7″ titulado Vera. Este Funeral Home (2012) es su disco de debut. Como entonces, el Shoegaze mezclado con el Drone, el ambiente claustrofóbico y axfisiante, así como unas guitarras plomizas y cansinas son los protagonistas del sonido de Funeral Home. Una banda a tener en cuenta.

Funeral Home – Funeral home (Ep, 2012)

“This Funeral Home release is one that I have been really gearing myself up for. I am a huge fan of everything the band has done up until now which has literally only been a handful of songs and demos. About a month ago the guys sent me an advanced copy of their self-titled EP and it has been absolute torture waiting this long to share it. I’ve basically had to sit on my hands to keep from blogging about it. But now the time has come, on the eve of its release date, and I’ve been given the go-ahead to unleash the storm.
Rather than pushing things into new uncharted territory, the guys stick to their guns and choose to tighten all of their screws and churn out an EP of tight, brooding shoegaze tracks. The centerpiece of the EP is an eight-minute song called “Sweet Dreams” that is in absolutely no hurry to approach its destination. The track builds and swells like a hurricane approaching the shoreline. It’s not until more than halfway through its running time that the track finally unfurls itself in gale force winds, burning guitars, and crashing percussion. And thinking back I’ve realized that this is just how Funeral Home does things. Their approach is meek and quiet at first, but give it time and it will down powerlines and uproot trees” (

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Funeral Home: Vera (7″, 2011)

Vera 7" Cover Art

Hace tiempo que no posteo singles en TJB, para ello ya tenemos The JangleDrop, nuestro blog hermano, pero éste es uno de esos sencillos los que merece la pena detenerse. Porque su mezcla de Shoegaze y Drone, su cadencia cansina y sus guitarras machaconas a la vez que pesadas son más que interesantes. Además, puedes descargarlo gratuitamente desde su Bandcamp. Muy interesantes.

Funeral Home – Vera (7″, 2011)

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