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Tiger Bell: Don´t wanna hear about your band (2014)

Sheena is… a punk rocker!!

We are Tiger Bell. We are Lotta, Lisa, Canan and Lovisa.
Three of us come from the city of Luleå in northern Sweden but it was in Stockholm, in 2010 that we began to play together.
Tiger Bell stands with one foot in pop, one in punk and one in rock (which adds up to a lot of feet) and our music is characterized by the nagging and repeated girly choirs. With high energy, hard work and lots of fun we realized early on that we create music in the same way that cheerleader’s carry out their sport. Cheerleader-punk was born!
When we compose music we don’t complicate things but rather stick to three classic punk chords. A good song is a fast song. Our longest is 3 minutes and 3 seconds. The songs on the album deal with ordinary things. Friends, family, guys, anger, joy and Monday to Sunday stuff although we sometimes reflect on deeper things and sometimes just want to count down Australian train stations.
The album was produced by us, Frans Hägglund (Millencolin, The Hellacopters, Logh) and Per Nordmark (Randy, Fireside, Last Days Of April). “Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band” is more than a track and an album title, it’s a statement. Other musicians (mostly male) often come up to us after shows telling us how great we were and then tell that they also have a band rather than stick to the great show we just did. As if we would care. This is not political it’s just a fact, “Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band”!! ” (Press)


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