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Retro-Techno – FRAGILE TOM: The particular go (Discos de Kirlian, Reissue, 2017)

La disquera barcelonesa Discos de Kirlian, acaba de reeditar el disco de Fragile Tom que apareció hace algún tiempo. Todo un bonito y crepuscular paseo por el Synth-Pop de raigambre más ochentera.

“80’s flavored synthpop between cheerfulness & introspection. German duo Fragile Tom creates synthpop between cheerfulness and introspection, building upon the legacy of late 70s & early 80s electronica, and drawing from influences such as Yazoo, Tears For Fears and OMD. Ensuing from a fundamental doubt in the powers of human perception, their output thematically revolves around the countless mysteries that are bred by the ubiquity of interpersonal distance and alienation in relationships” (Press, Discos de Kirlian)

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