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Frail: Waiting (Fleeting Youth Records, Single, 2016)

Frail is a New Orleans-based rock trio made up of Ben Polito (vocals/guitar), Hunter Keene (drums), and Nick Corson (bass), three active members of the New Orleans scene that have played/play in Grotto Girl, Pudge, The Roses, and Squirrel Queen.
In the same vein as New Orleans peers from Sun Hotel and bands from Community Records, Frail play an infectious blend of guitar heavy power pop and 90s inspired alternative rock similar to Teenage Fanclub. Lead singer Ben Polito’s buttery vocals flow easy over steady bass swells from Nick Corson and inspired drumming from Hunter Keene (just see them live).
Bones is Frail’s debut unveiling that will see its first physical release through Fleeting Youth Records on May 13th. Consisting of six powerful pop spreads, Bones shines a bright spotlight on Frail’s potential as a band and an underrated indie rock scene that’s been incubating in the Big Easy for quite some time” (Press)

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