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A guitarrazo limpio – THE PRESOLAR SANDS: The Big Noise (Lazy Octopus Records, 2017)

No sé si detrás de tanta guitarra y un trabajo de producción un tanto sobrecargado habrá algo más de postureo del que nuestros oídos puedan asimilar, pero lo cierto es que THE PRESOLAR SANDS tienen algo interesante en su música. Vienen de Suecia y son un buen exponente de esa especie de ola Post-Grunge que mora por la escena internacional de un tiempo acá.

“Their debut album THE BIG NOISE is out April 12 via Lazy Octopus Records. It draws inspiration from the Witch Hunts of the 17th century, and the period of mass hysteria in Sweden, called The Big Noise (Det Stora Oväsendet), where hundreds of women were assassinated for ”practicing witchcraft”.
THE BIG NOISE has heart-beat drums, vibrating guitars, reverberating piano, dark lyrics and the witchy voices of Jessica (sings lead vocals on “Exposure”, “Witches’ Hill”, “State Of Loneliness”, “Panic Disorder”, “Skinchanger” and “We Own You”) and Charlotta (sings lead vocals on “Det Stora Oväsendet” and “Dig You Out”)” (Press, Lazy Octopus)

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Brujerías – THE PRESOLAR SANDS: Witches´Hill (Single, Lazy Octopus Records)

“The Presolar Sands creates music from a broad spectrum of genres that comes together in a world where melodic and psychedelic elements resonate with crushed explosive noise and dark witch symbolism” (Press)


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