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Hope Diamond: Salt (Ep, 2010)


Me imagino que hartos de que al buscar en Google Hope Diamond la entrada prácticamente solo llevara a la historia de un famoso diamante, estos australianos han decidido dar un giro a su carrera y tras editar dos Ep´s van a cambiar su nombre. A partir de ahora se llamarán Alarm Birds, y anuncian nuevo disco en breve. Para los que los hemos descubierto con este Salt, la verdad es que nos da un poco lo mismo, ya que lo que nos interesa son sus sonidos. Y ahí es donde tienen mucho que decir. Este dúo formado por Zoë Barry y Ted Palmer elaboran un Dream-Pop de lo más interesante, cercano al Shoegaze más ambiental, con los Gemelos Cocteau como referentes más próximos:  Composiciones equilibradas, arreglos brillantes, buena ejecución, voces bien tratadas y envolventes, instrumentación nada estridente, teclados… todos los componentes de un buen disco de una banda experimentada y que tiene el buen hacer como bandera. Disco interesante (link conseguido gracias al gran blog Amor Louco), habrá que ver qué nos deparan como Alarm Birds…

Hope Diamond – Salt (2010)

“The path traveled to the release of Hope Diamond’s debut EP has been a long one. They have formed and disbanded several bands (including Girls and Adam) whilst grounding themselves in Melbourne since the break up of Adelaide band Bergerac (from which some of the members hail). The stunning and musically ambitious three-piece they are today is all a result of influence, extreme professionalism and tons of experience. Involvement with so many talented musicians has produced a gorgeous outcome and likeness may be made to former Bergerac band mate Zac Coligan’s new ensemble Sea Thieves. Hope Diamond are louder than that band’s quiet tinkle and delightful cluttery sound but the way the songs are pieced together is clearly a result of years of collaboration.
Their ethereal vocals and swirling drum pattern should encourage indie enthusiasts to remove their fixed gaze from their shoes to far more experimental and breezy but brave sounds. And that is just what Hope Diamond is doing on their debut offering. The delicate vocal of Zoe Barry opens the title track, gently and uniquely upheld in places by Jed Palmer’s hum. Serene effects and trawling guitars carry tracks Colliding Ships and Lake Effect into heightened states of light and shade, playful at moments of release yet reserved throughout the cinematic sounds. Palmer’s expertise in graphic design matches the release’s cover magically to Barry’s professional music background”

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